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  1. Oh wow! what lovelies you have, sorry to hear about the others though =[ Are they from your LFS? if so i wish mine stocked pretties like that! The black on the last is very striking ^-^
  2. What plant is that in the last picture of your first batch of photos?
  3. I love the red along the bottom, you just wait, a few months and he'll look 10x better =D
  4. haha my mum better watch out, as soon as we move Im dedicating part of my room to bettas, of course I will, petshop fish just aren't the same ^-^ thanks, I don't think it looks as good as it did when It was a bit bigger >.< lost a bit of quality cutting it down... he looks really mean when he flares but he's not honest xD
  5. Popped a mirror up against the tank this evening and before I knew it he was off! his fins look a little jagged here, persuming thats from shipping?
  6. oh he's very nice! with a bit of tlc he'll look great =]
  7. yeah, I figured it was best to leave flaring for a few days =] he has got a great personality, I was worried (seeing as my fish are pets and not for breeding) that he'd not have much 'spark' to him, but he really is a character already, my mum is really taken with him too! haha she finds it fascinating that he'll follow her finger xD
  8. Hey Rotti =] welcome to the forum
  9. Bugsy

    Hello dare

    Heyy -waves- welcome to the forum =]
  10. I did pop a mirror in-front of him but he wasn't very interested and I didn't want to stress him too much and to top it off my camera's battery was flashing red at me >.< anyhow I did get a few shots of him ^-^ The best 'slightly' flaring one I got. Hiii. xD -loves him- My camera doesn't throw a wobbley on me when I photograph in this tank because the back panels aren't mirrored like my other tank xD
  11. he's here! god I've never been so scared when I was unwrapping him, I was so expecting him to be dead for some reason >.< but he's not! he's just amazing, I've never seen a HM in the flesh before let alone anything that hasn't been bred for petshops x.x Im totally in awe <3 at the moment he's just swimming about, inbetween the plant and rumaging around through the gravel hehe I think he's probably hungry but I wont feed him till this evening, and even then it'll be something small. Pics will be along soon =]
  12. Okay, so I have two 12L tanks, one is currently being filtered by a Rena - Filstar iV and the other I brought a few weeks ago has a built in carbon filter. I've only ever used internal filters (rena filstar) and have no experience with the carbon ones, is there anything i should be doing differently? There is currently nothing in the carbon filtered tank (HM arriving tomorrow) but its been cycling for a good 2 weeks or more now. I herd somewhere that people say carbon filters should be turned off at night (or turned off at somepoint) because it gets rid of the good bacteria too? At the momen
  13. yeah thats true, just means a little more waiting xDD can't be too long now though edit;; Just had an email from the breeder, Mr fish was indeed posted today so i shall see him tomorrow =D really excited
  14. i will be chuffed when he arrives >.< Breeder has a massive back log because he was selling them all through christmas and near year but not posting =/ so yah, Im hoping He'll arrive sometime this week, as there's been a new update on his site saying he's not selling anymore untill he's posted all the ones he has, so maybe thats a sign haha. He will email me the day he posts so I know =]
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