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New fish - green ?HM


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I got this guy at the LFS yesterday - I think a whole bunch of fighters just came out of quarantine because *drool* there were about 4 or 5 really good ones. One of the had this gigantic dorsal fin it was amazing. I didn't get him though because I suspect that I would not be able to maintain his finnage, and I think he was rosetail.

He was sold as a super delta but he spreads to 180 degrees. What is the true definition of HM? Is it the spread distance or ray branching count?

Anyway, I got this guy instead. His anal is a bit long and he's quite lazy at holding up his dorsal, but I love his colour!





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Oh gorgeous :cheer: . Congrats on your lucky find.

You don't see ones like that here anymore it seems.

I found out from a LFS that a wholesale Importer that was 15 - 20mins from us stopped doing direct imports a couple of years ago and now buys from interstate. Leaving only one place that directly imports and they only import for themselves and their suppliers don't give them options or choices on what bettas they can bring in. They get the odd HM, Delta, SD and the like but they are really expensive and not properly displayed.

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It's Aquarama at Stafford. You should ring them up and find out when their next import is coming in and when they'll take them out of quarantine. I think they usually take the fish out of quarantine and put them on the shelf one thursday per month, so ring them up, because that is the best time. The worst time is toward the end of that month.

Plus they have their regulars who go in the day the fish come out of quarantine and pick all the best ones.

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