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My 3ft Outdoor Tank - Pseudomugil signifer


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Thought I should show you some other fish i keep. Its native outdoor tank

Keep in mind that this is done on the cheap so it’s not a great tank. Plus I didn’t clean the tank that well before I took the photos! Doh!!!

The whole setup cost me $15 and that was for the tank and river sand haha.

The rocks I got when I caught the Pseudomugil signifer at a creek at Uki just east of Murwillumbah. If you can make it out there go for it as it is so beautiful and rugged, huge mountains around you (including Mt Warning) It feels so ancient you think a T-Rex could come out of the forest at any second haha.

The tank I got from a garage sale, the wood I got along the beach and the beach, the river sand I got from a landscape company, the plants I got from a local man made canal which was full of hornwort (not sure if it is hornwart please ID it if you can). The fish and rocks you already know about

The tank contains about 20x Pseudomugil signifier (I love these little guys displaying to each other looks awesome!), 5x Hypseleotris galii and one Melanotaenia duboulayi

I want to go out there again and get some more Melanotaenia duboulayi and some more girl pacific Blue-eyes as I think most are boys, I m not sure how to sex them.




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Pacific Blue-eye are the ones you can see most of, they have the blue sheen in there eyes and look brown/yellow. The brown ones are firetail gudegen and the last one which is not in the photos is a rainbow fish and well it doesnt have a non-scientific name haha.

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Ok, well i didnt have time to stay long there this morning as my wife came along and slipped on a rock and cut her big toe from top to bottom :lol: So i was there probably 10 mins and only had time to catch some glass shrimp. (before she cut her foot). So we spent an hour in hospital

I did get some photos of the area but none where i caught blue-eye.

This is some of the mountain ranges on the way out...


This Mt Warning, its about 1 km high... doesnt look that big in the photo but it is a fair size.


This is Clarrie Hall Dam


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