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ive got a idea but need advice


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ok well ive been thinking for awhile that i want to put something in my tanks so my bettas have a place to hide and play but the problem is the size of the tanks

so here is a pic of my tanks


i got some fine black crushed quartz for gravel and i was thinking of getting one of these two silk plants for each tank

they are 10cm high or 18cm high (my tanks are 20cm high)

so which plant do you think is better and what high size do you think i should get? or do i get three of each

pics of the 2 plants



also do you think i should get 3 of these and cut them in half so i have 6 pieces and put one in each tank?

they are 10cm long my tanks are 12cm x 12cm or will it take up too much room with these logs and plants and look silly cause i want it too look good

pic of log


please let me know what you think i should do


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here is a pic of my tanks to show what bettas i have and how my small set up is

i know its not the best or big but i dont have alot of room

i also have a 25liter resun tank that i plan to keep some females in and 6 more beanie baby cases to keep some males from my future spawn


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hmm would the plants over crowd the small tanks? Bettas love to swim around... not sure if the plants will overcrowd the tank making it more difficult for them to have a good swim session.

Maybe try one of each and see how it goes!

is that a real log.. how much are they and where do you get them from?

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brett its a clay log from a online store called aqaushaks

ok so no to the logs, do you think one of the silk plants would be better then the other?

or should i just stick with the java moss?

sorry for more q's but i appreciate all of your input

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yeah bettarazzi i drilled the holes myself, to stop them from cracking you have to start with a really small drill bit and make piolet holes then change the drill bit to a slightly bigger drill bit and then drill

keep going up a size until you have the hole size you want

just make shore when you change the drill bit to the next size up its not alot bigger then the previous one otherwise you will crack the lid also dont push down hard on the drill and dont go super fast just keep it spining at a steady pace

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Just thought of something else I used to do for small tanks, and that is suction cups :rolleyes:

You take the strands of plant off the base weight and super-glue them into the hole in airline tubing suction cups (take the airline clip out) and then you can take up less floorspace and require less substrate, and if you heat a section of the stem, you can bend it at 45* and stick it on the wall instead of the floor :D

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Hi Divy, i have some really unusual little oil burners in my tanks that i use for thier house that would fit in yours easy. I get mine from "LOOT" homewares- ceremic or fired clay. One in each tank- Sit them on top of the java moss- will look pretty. My boys love them- sometimes all i see is a little bum and other times you see a little face peeping out. :rolleyes: So cute.

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