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New member from Kalgoorlie W.A.

Guest Ashli

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Hi all,

My name is Ashli, I live in Kalgoorlie (middle of nowhere) :lol: with my daughters, other half and our menagerie of animals :)

I have two tropical freshwater tanks, a 3fter and 6fter.

Our 6fter is a cichlid tank and houses several different species. I was also breeding Gold Saums, but my female recently passed, so I just have the male and a few of their babies left out the program.

Our 3fter houses community tropical including tetras, loaches, bristlenose, rasboras, danios and 2 angelfish.

I've been having trouble finding any other species of killifish other than the blue and gold, and am hoping to acquire one of these 3 species: Aphyosemion Australe "Golden Lyretail", Aphyosemion Gardneri and/or Aphyosemion Striatum.

My local fish supplier isn't able to get any of these in :( , so I thought I'd try my hand at getting them from somewhere else.

Hope to chat with you all soon :( :(

P.S. As well as looking for the above I am hoping to get a pictus catfish, and 8 or so bumblebee gobys. So if anyone can help, please pm me, I need all the help I can get :lol:

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Welcome Ashli to AAQ!

Im not much an expert on Killies but i know there are a few people on here who are mad about them and maybe able to help you out.

Try doing a search on killifish and you will hopefully find some good information or even someone who knows quite a bit and sending them a Private Message on what your looking for.

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Hi Ashli, welcome to AusAqua!

I love Kal - spent a lot of time up there while my partner was working at one of the mines but he's based in Perth now. I saw Bumblebee Gobies at Perth Aquarium and Display Centre in Myaree (Perth) yesterday but they only had about 3 or 4 in stock.

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Hi Ashli, welcome :) ..and here I am feeling isolated in lil ole Adelaide! :)

You should be able to get some of the killis at your LFS in through the wholesalers, I have been told to be careful getting in from wholesalers as some have been of not so good quality/deformed and I have only seen some batches of deformed F. panchax over the past 12 or so months. However I have a pairs F. panchax, A. gardneri and A. australe "gold" that came in from wholesalers & they aren't showing signs of deformities, will see how the fry turn out. Some of the rarer killis you can get through the wholesalers are bred locally by members of Killifish Australia.

If you can get to Perth to pick a shipment of fish from the airport, maybe something can be arranged to track down some of these species for you to be sent over.

Hopefully some of the wiser killi keepers can help you out :) "someone" may be able to help you out too.


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