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Mum's Bettas


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I took these photos a few weeks ago while my mother was doing water changes for her two bettas.


This is the cup. Not sure of the size of it, but it's not a normal sized one, it's smaller than normal sized one.


Zoom in of the same picture, this guy is over a year old now and his body is at least 3 to 4 cms.


This fella is around 18 months old now. I got him from Bakerman in March 2006, his body is at least 5 maybe 6cms long... he's a big boy and last week he had a bit of a fall but is fine, just a bit of fluff.

I'm going to get some measurements of the cup tomorrow so it'll be easier to work out the scale.

These two fish are spilt rotten and even get warm water with their water changes! Yep, I gave her the betta bug :)

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