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A few photos...

Stuart Elflett

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Here's some shots of my tanks:


This has undergone a replant just recently, replacing some of the stragglier Foxtail and adding more Elodea, plus a trim of the Java Moss - three of the fantails have been moved out, and some Congo's took their place...


This is an early shot of my desk top tank at work - am looking to replace it with a cube soon, as the panorama is a little hard to work on plants in - it's also had some trimming and replanting...


This hex has a handful of Neons, and two Blue Rams (spawning)

Here are Charlie & Lola, busy guarding their first batch of eggs...



More to come...

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Are they the same 4 fantails the whole way through?

Mostly, yes...

I lost one to a swim bladder problem, which it was recovering from, but then got ravaged by a Chinese Algae Eater while it wasn't mobile enough to escape, and then one of the others was simply too big to stay in the 140L tank with the community (after gobbling white clouds like candy, and destroying any plant it could get to - e.g., all of 'em) so he got traded in on a couple of smaller fantails (hadn't convinced my wife we'd be better with all tropicals *yet*) then the next two biggest fish (swimming over the ornament, but they're still small in that shot) decided to become whales recently, but co-incided with my Mother In Law wanting to buy me fish, so the Congo's came in, and the two biggest fantails went to a good store, where they're in a display tank, for store credit. The last of the original fish, my Black Moor, who is now gold, left on Sunday for a friends tank, where he has one lonely red cap in a couple of hundred litres... I now have two small black moors, and two smaller fantails, who will move out when they're bigger, and when I can convince my wife (moors) and daughter (fantails) that we can replace 'their' fish with something else... :)

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I have two fantails and two black moors left, but they're out of that tank... I'll either pass them on to friends with Goldies, or have an LFS who'll take 'em for store credit/trade... that's where two of the bigger fantails went - got $30 worth of store credit for the pair... :thumbs:

At the moment they're in a 40L of their own, as a 'holding' tank for a while...

Yes, you can keep them in a 'cool' tropical tank - they were quite comfortable at 23C, as were all the other fish in there...

Latest shots of the work tank, seeing as I'm posting anyway:



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You get to use a Mac at work? Very cool. Oh hey, there's those grass like foreground plants again. Yeah, yeah... I know... I'm making a cross-topic reference to an off-topic comment.

To the forum readers out there who don't read all forum posts in strict chronological order:

1. Why not?

2. You're going to be confused

3. Live with it

:thumbs::lol: :lol:

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