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My New Orange HM Pair!


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Hey guys i got these two HM's off someone, they arrived about an hour ago so they still havent really settled in. Im hoping they survive alot longer then my last orange guy lived with me (5 days).

The pics arent the best but i didnt want to bother them too much, ill get him critiqued soon and ill also try to get more pics once they settle in alot more.

Let me know what you guys think please!!!!

the girly, shes so nice :P the has like a spot of dark orange on her head lol.


and the boy, i havent got him to really flare up properly yet, i dont want to bug him too much at the moment.



Thank you :P

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Man! You've had them for an hour and they're already in front of the camera?!

i didnt want to bother them too much

You say it but you don't mean it :P

That is a very nice orange. Is that a true representation of their colour in real life? Who was the breeder?

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haha mike there in the breeding tank already, i couldn't wait for them to take there time so i picked her up and squeezed her eggs into the nest, picked up the eggs with my fingers and put them in a bubble nest, which i also made from Johnson and Johnson kids foam bubble bath lol... so technically this fry should look like me with orange fins and they wont be half moon... oh no... they'll be full moons lol.

no no only kidding!!! they pair seem to be doing good when i took a look at them this morning. i haven't seen them eat pellets yet so im going to look out for that now when i feed them. yeah that orange stripe on her head sure does give personality.



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i lost the male to this pair today, two days ago the orange female tore the hell out of his fins and he was looking better each day till i found him dead today. thats the second orange male i've lost. i wont be getting more for a little while now. im feeling down about this big time.

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Sorry to hear about yet another disaster.....however

if she tore the hell of him she wasn't ready!!! you gave them what - 10 days? to get over an international flight, quarantine and another overnight shipment. i know everyone is keen to breed their new fish but please HAVE SOME PATIENCE!!!!

Was the female full of eggs? was she flaring back at him from the jar or did she fold her fins and drop her head? How long did you leave them in together unsupervised? When did you release her?

in the photo above you can see the eggs in the ovaries, but they are far from developed. she should look like she has swallowed a marble.

Have a few practice runs with veiltails. Not too much money to outlay and you can make mistakes without breaking the bank. Nothing teaches like experience.

Cheers, J

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yep im not going to buy any more good quality stock untill i have atleast 3 spawns under my belt if not more.

she was slightly bigger then she is in the photo, so she didnt look like she swallowed a marble. she did flare at him when they saw each other, they were unsupervised all night, when i woke up i checked on them and they were fine, i went out for about 8 hours i come home he was torn to bits.

definately next time i will have patience and lots of it. i dont want this happening again at all. im sure naturally its unavoidable although factors like importing and quarantine strees would have contriubuted alot to his dead. i will make sure im alot more careful in future.

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