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Hi folks... :)

Stuart Elflett

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Hi Folks,

Well, lets see, my name is Stuart Elflett, I'm a fishaholic... oh, wrong meeting... :D

I found you guys whilst searching google, chasing any info on how those little floating java balls that all the shops have now are made... given there aren't *that* many Australian fishkeeping oriented sites, I figured it'd be worth joining (I'm a member of four other forums, regular contributor 'cos I'm a forum junkie... lol)

Hmmmm, what fish do I keep?? Guppies, an Oto, Fantails, Black Moors, Homaloptera Yunnanensis, Gastromyzon (Hillstream Loach/Borneo Sucker), an Albino Cory, a couple of Swordtails, Danios (zebra's, and longfins - hopefully some Kerri Danio if I can get 'em), Neon Tetras, Blue Rams, Congo Tetras, Black Widow Tetras, White Clouds and a few Platy's... I'll post some pics soon...

Outside of fish... well, I'm an avid photographer, I've done commercial photographic work, but I don't make a living from it, just do what comes along, I'm considered a petrol head, I'm definitely a reader (and ocassional writer) but I don't do much cross stitch... I also cook (read that in your best Steven Seagal voice, please...) :D

I look forward to meeting you all here, and getting to know a bit about you, too...



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lol I remember that "I also cook" bit :D

you're in the right place if you're a fishaholic :D we are all a bit fish crazy here :D

sounds like you're a great interesting addition to our forum :D hope to hear heaps from you and to see some piccies of your fishies ;)


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Hey Stuart, Welcome :P

Yeah what kind of petrol head lol?

It seems like you have very nice and interesting fish, although we need pics :P we all love pics here!! (and no excuses because i read the photography bit too!!!)

You need bettas! The only thing your missing! A few weeks with us and im sure you'll have some!


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Oh good more photography expertise. You can teach me how to take better pics of my fish. And please don't say DSLR, faewyn has already done that. :P

Go back to the LFS in a couple of weeks and check out the java moss balls. They will have started to unravel by then LOL! One of the LFSs I go to has a number of naked bio balls floating off some fishing line. Pretty sure they used to be java moss balls. I don't think they even managed to sell any before the things started to come apart :P

Welcome to Bettaholics Anonymous! Bettaholic / Fishaholic / Forumholic.... you'll fit in well.


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i was hoping for a XU1 GT-R LJ Torana, but i got an AU Falcon. Ford fans, disappointing! Nice looking kit on it though, is it a Tickford kit?

No, I've got a Hawk front bar, and a C2R rear bar, the standard XR6 spoiler, and cloned XR8 side skirts - Speedy 'Mantaray' 17" wheels... will be putting a sports ute grille on there, with mesh to match the Hawk bar...

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Welcome Stuart :)

And Mike I agree with you, what the **** is a "Hawk front bar, and a C2R rear bar, the standard XR6 spoiler, and cloned XR8 side skirts - Speedy 'Mantaray' 17" wheels"

WAY over my head there :) all I know is, a ford is a car, just the same as a holden (tho I prefer the holdens, sshhh)

This place sure has the unusual mixture of fish, horse, car, pet ppl I have ever seen, so don't worry Stuart, I'm sure you'll find some other petty head outs there :)

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lol i like cars too :) in fact i named my car Eleanor lol (i've a 1986 toyota celica sx, champagne colour)

but i don't know much about cars, that's my mum and stepdad who know everything :)

my mum has a 10th anniversary trans-am with a bird on the bonnet :) now she's pretty!

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