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Meet Starchild


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Hey :P I got this boy the other week and he's survived thus far so I thought I'd finally show him :P

I bought him as a half moon but he's really a superdelta.





As you can see he does change in various lights :P


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haha phil i guess were going on that trip after all!!! ill pack my bags. he is aa great looking guy, i got one similar to him except mine is more silver then lavender, and im pretty sure he will extend to 180* one day.

great buy though.. well done!

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lol :) I get to Furrballs earlier than you do otherwise you'd get them and I'd get left out!

Then again you're not supposed to be allowed to be getting anymore boys :) so at least one of us can get them lol (I just gotta keep em alive long enough to find a girly who'll allow them to spawn or hope that they don't try to kill the girly *rolls eyes*)

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