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Brown-backed Crab


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I just noticed I'd been very very slack.

I've had this little man for a month now and I haven't taken any photographs of him at all!

This is Marshall. Originally he was called Gunk (derived from Detritus the troll for all you sci-fi fans, seeing as he looked a lot like a rock.) but it just didn't stick :welcome: Wonder why?

He lives on my desk at the moment, and is rather dreary, but I am still fiddling with his environment to get it right. Sadly there is very little information available on these little guys.

I'm umming and arring about getting him a girl, but chances are they'd eat each other, so he'll probably just get a few sacrificial fishies to keep him busy :welcome:



Ain't he cute? My first successful captive FW crab :) I was a bit nervous after the cherry crab death, but *touch wood* all is going well :)

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Yup, although I suspect he'd be fine or even do better in brackish water. They are marketted as FW and a friend of mine (Sin) has had a female for about 6 months in FW so at least I can say that it isn't a certain death if he stays in FW for a while until I find out more about him.

I think they are from NT, really not sure.

Edit: Yup, from Petras. The blasted thing sell out too fast at the pet shops, I always miss out or am left with the ugly/broken ones. Apparently there were two types? one was spikier? I thought I'd go with the safer bet :welcome:

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