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Hi Guys, we added some custom profile fields to the board We have..

Currently Breeding:

  • Yes, Bettas
  • Yes, Other Species
  • Yes, Bettas/Other Species
  • No


  • Hobbyist
  • Breeder

You can fill them in at My Controls > Edit Profile Information (Right at the bottom)

They will show up in your personal pages and in topics if answered. If you don't want to fill them out, thats ok, it is not mandatory. We thought it might make things a little easier/interesting.

Will show up like this here in my profile bitsy.


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It's up to guys on what you want to put there. I am a hobbyist, because I am not breeding anthing at this time nor do I have plans too. For me personally, if I was breeding guppies or cichlids unintentionally I would still class myself as a hobbyist. But if I was breeding any species for an interest, I suppose I would class myself as a breeder. Then, I suppose I could be a breeder but on hiatus, I guess I would be a breeder, just not currently breeding.

Anyway, its up to people personally what they want to add. There are no rules to define this or that :)

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I couldn't figure it out either. Kept getting an wrong date of birth format error. I eventually put in my birth date which I wasn't really keen on doing. Didn't think to put in a false one. Too late now that everyone's seen it. Feel very old. Lots of twenty somethings on this forum.

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to change the status and currently breeding part in your profile.

go to your profile and then click "MY CONTROLS" in the top right hand corner

after that find the "Edit Profile Information" down the bottom on the left.

go to the bottom once you've done that and you can change those 2 thingies ^_^

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