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New Stuff/fish *dialup warning*


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Today, I bought a new fluoro bulb for my small tank with the built in light. I got it from BigW in September and it had served me well so far. But the light blew a few days ago, and when I put the new one in and tested it, the lid made this popping sound and a bunch of stinky plasticy electrical smoke came out of it! Anyway, since it had a 1 year warranty I took it back and they gave me a new one. The bonus was, when I bought the tank last year, it was the last one left, and it was missing the "in-lid" filter pump. Big W refused to ring another store and open another one for me, and I refused to bring it back to the shop for a refund then drive across the other side of town and get another one. So they gave me an internal power filter instead. Anyway, the cool thing was, my replacement tank today had the filter pump I needed.

So anyway, since I was at Stafford, I decided to take a look in Aquarama, and low and behold a new shipment of betta had come out of quarantine and I came home with this guy:




I also bought a 2ft tank and stand with many accessories from Leela today. Since both of my spawns are virtually the same size bar a few largish fry, I put them all in the new tank and suddenly my old broken/replaced 20L tank and the other 20L are available. So Bling and his girl are back in the spawn tank for a 2nd round and I've set up the 20L Big W replacement tank - I was originally going to put the girls in here, but since I only have 3 and one is tied up in a spawn tank, I couldn't really put the remaining two together. So the small tank has Bob the chewing copper I got from Leela last time I was out there. Here's a pic of the tank all planted and nice, Bob's in the top right corner:


And here is the albino bristlenose I got from Leela today:


A rather productive day! I smell like fish water...

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I was planning to go there today too (well, it's past 12am, so literately speaking... planned to go there yesterday) but it was too far from where I live and the auction is down the coast.

I love that color... wish I can find a CT like that!!

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There were some more of them, but now I truly know the meaning of topline irregularities - one of them had a HUGE dent on the back of it. The others just looked raggedly on the scales. This ones not that perfect, plus the camera flash is making him look superwhite, he's really not that white. Plus he has some black on one ray tip, so he's probably a marble.

They also had this yellow bodied blue/green finned double tail (is that mustard gas?) which look really nice, couldn't get him to flare but he had a really long dorsal and it was as far up the back of the fish as the anal fin was. He was $60 though and I didn't want him that badly. Maybe if he flared for me I would have got him. I don't really like double tails and if I did get him it would have been for the dorsal.

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