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My Planted Tank So Far...

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I thought I'd take some pics of how my tank looks today. Keith kindly sent me a whole bunch of cuttings last week that I just threw in anywhere as I was going away for the weekend and didn't know if they would survive or not while I was away if I left them.

I have a layer of soil on the bottom of the tank, covered by a layer of white river sand. On the very right and left is twisted Vallis (which isn't doing so great for some reason), and a sword of some description on the left (it was sold as a melon sword but I have my doubts). The rest of the jungle is the cuttings from Keith and I have no idea what it is LOL

The fish I have in there are Congo Tetras, a diminishing number of Neons (I think the congos have been snacking on them), kuhis and my betta juvies.

I'm running a fluval 404 and 1 fluro with a triphosphur globe. I'm planning on putting another light in this week as it doesn't seem to be enough.

The plants are in desperate need of rearranging and I'd like some more drift wood, but I'm beginning to feel like I'm making progress.

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looks great Mouse. The white sand looks crisp. yeah discus' would look great. The was a pair for sale in the quokka the other day, with babes but $300!! Have just bought a 165 ltr tank at the weekend hoping to put discus in it eventually. wishing I had put the soil and white sand in the bottom of now!

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Hey Mouse, any updates on your tank, hows it looking now?

:P you don't want to know.

In the past couple of weeks I've had some many power cuts the plants are dying off through lack of light and I'm growing a lovely crop of that horrid brown algae that loves the dark :P

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Aww thats a shame!

Hope you get beck into it mouse and get it all good again :)

I have totally done a makeover on this tank.

The big pleco i have was ripping up plants everywhere and there were far to many fish in there, well thats part of it.

This week at work we got a shipment of fish from Germany and in this shipment were wild Heckel discus, Peruvian angelfish and Peru Altum Angelfish. The peru Altum's are the ones known as fake Altum angels, but they are sooo nice!

So i yanked out all of the fish that i dont want in the tank anymore and am left with:

3 Discus

10 Jumbo Congo tetras

4 Silver Angels

30 Rummy nose tetras

30 Cardinal tetras

2 Longfin bristlenoses

1 BIG Pleco catfish

And i want to get:

1 Wild Heckel discus

4 Peruvan angels

10 Peru Altum angels

Aswell as consiering upgrading to a 4x2x2 tank (to hold that many fish)

Plants in the new look 3ft:

5 Bunches of thin Val (only bought 4 but the guy snuck a free bunch in that was a nice surprise when i got home!)


Some crypts

Amazon sword

Pictures to follow :)

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