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Some Of My Hm Pks!


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Hi all,

Thank you for all the nice comments and responses :yes:.

I am as green as they are!  Incredible, as always.  Are they from your copper  lines?


They are indeed from my copper lines. To be precise they are from an outcross spawn using a non-metallic royal blue male with a copper/gold female from my own line. This makes these youngsters all heterozygotic metallic. I expect some copper/golds back in the F2 generation.

Many greetings,


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Wow Joep, Great form and colour. Interesting to note that while the metallic irridophores are present in the first generation (in heterozygotic form) you don’t get the copper phenotype even in the steel blue F1 fish. This confirms my belief that the metallic gene is an incomplete or partial dominant. Regards, Nick

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