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  1. Regarding colour, there are a lot of fry in this spawn with the second female's colouration. In fact the white edging is actually butterfly. When you see this on the males they end up looking like the red palomino pictured in the F1 generation (Metallic Pastel thread). I have assumed so far that as far as the "blue" genes are concerned what we are dealing with in the Palominos from F1 and F2 is Steel Blue. The Metallic Lavender Boy looks a lot "Bluer" but I suspect this is related to genes for grizzel. I believe your lavender type female is the result of a combination of steel blu
  2. At this stage we have not established anything regarding the genetics of this spotting. I can say that most of the spotted fry turned into butterfly. A couple have retained the "polka dots" (bigger than dalmatian spots) on fins and some have very small dots/lines in the fins like the parents. I suspect that the Marble gene may be involved. But I dont know if all the observed phenotypes are related to the same genes or combinations there of. More test matings need to be done.
  3. Sorry everyone, Forgot to officially mention I can't make it today either as I have other commitments today. I would be interested in future ones however.
  4. He looks to me like one of my yellow gold Dragons. Here's a couple of pics of a yellow gold PK: Here is a pic of a Metallic MG PK Import that just arrived. He looks like an MG Dragon to me:
  5. Yes I would like to meet up but can't this long weekend.
  6. Happy Birthday Shirley. Hope you are having fun :no:
  7. Thanks Jess! And yes Dragon Palominos will be another "new" colour developed in Aus..go Lisa......truely ahead of the Asian market. Who knows, maybe they will have to import from us! It's what happened with the original HM's after all. :woohoo:
  8. That's right Robbie! Everyone just remember: "we had em first". On a serious note however, it's nice to develop a "new" colour before the Asian breeders do.
  9. Look what I found on Aquabid: Knockoffs of my Palomino Line! http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auc...&1159240095 http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auc...&1159197483
  10. Just thought I would show you how he has grown: He has recently turned into this. I just had to take a photo of him. Pity I didn't notice the salt scale on the front of his Beanie Box.
  11. Have a good one Lisa......Don't work too hard on your birthday :applaud:
  12. I'm hoping Stefan that it's the same as the gene that causes Dalmatian spotting. According to the article by Victoria Parnell: Here's the link: http://www.bettysplendens.com/articles/pag...?articleid=1757, Marble and Dalmatian Spotting are caused by different genes. Parnell postulates that when Dalmatian Spotting occurs on a red finned fish, the resultant red spots may be hidden by the fact that the surrounding fin is the same colour. In the pink opaque, the red has been diluted by the lack of dark under colour and the opaque layer resulting in pink finage. I suppose it's possibl
  13. Here is a picture of Dad: I would call him a pink Platinum Opaque. He has dark pink spotting in his fins which looks to me like Dalmation Spotting. Some of his fry also have this. Dad: "Bubba" (He really likes his food and he is HUGE and is as happy as a pig in Sh...t with all of his babies who are over 6 weeks old now) Some of the "spotted" Fry:
  14. Funny, it works for me. Try typing "nick" as the password (its the read only password)
  15. No that's not a stupid question because actually, it is set to private. The link now gives access to the entire album but at least the clip can be viewed.
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