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2013 Ausaqua photography competition


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This holiday season we will be hosting an Ausaqua photography competition.

There will be one broad class so all fish, inverts, tank, plant photos can be entered.

A shortlist will be created by the judges.

The top Photos will then be put to a vote on the Ausaqua forum

Each person may submit one vote for their favourite shortlisted picture in the designated poll.

so YOU will decide the winner!


Submit your photos along with your name(required) and 'title' of picture(optional) to

info@lodobettaaquatics.com.au by 10:00pm on Sunday the 15th December 2013.

There is no limit on the number of pictures per person which can be submitted.


Will be up on Ausaqua by the (Wednesday)18th december

voting will be open via poll from the 18th till the 22nd of December.

Winners will be announced on the 23rd December 2013.



the overall winner will be given the choice of the following prize packs donated by Lodo betta aquatics and a photography comp badge to add to their signature.

PRIZE PACK ONE (national)

25x IAL

1x small ceramic pot (ornament)

1x nano goldvine

PRIZE PACK TWO (vic entrants only)

1x 10 cube tank

2x small malaysian driftwood

1x medium java fern


1x fish first aid kit

PRIZE PACK FOUR (can not be sent to WA or TAS)

5x small crypts

2x small java fern

1x spawning moss

1x anubias

as well as a 2013 photography comp winner badge to add to your signature


all shortlisted entrants will be given a shortlisted photography comp badge to add into their signature


All photographs must be your own unedited images.

To enter you must have 20 posts of the ausaqua forum by the date entries close.

There is no limit on the number of pictures per person which can be submitted.

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I think we should allow some editing like colour correction, exposure, sharpness, cropping, touch up. But not allowed to recompose the image ie no adding anything that wasn't there. So you can't cut out the fish and put it on another background or recompose it to reposition elements.

Good job Maddie and James for putting this together. :D

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1. I still need 10 more posts to be eligible, must work on that...,

Hang on, after this post I'll be down to 9 :-)

2. Just to clarify, cropping photo's is acceptable, however messing around with colours, distorting images etc is frowned upon?

Personally, I think that sounds fair, my brain just works better with absolutes :-)

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Sounds about right MissM :) - If you started a spawn log, you'd hit 20 in no time ;) Or go searching through some of the older threads and ask questions on anything not quite clear :)

I'm carefully going through my photos, trying to figure out what I'm going to submit...it's as hard as figuring out which fish I want to buy next :)

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Yes that's about right, you can crop, but no obvious changing pictures. Defeats the purpose. We are going to need to change the email for the comp as the email we listed isn't working properly. Hopefully everyone spams facebook with this comp as it's a great prize for people.

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Yep cropping fine. Even minor changes like adjusting sharpness or brightness its mostly serious altering we're not cool with. And **** effects like comic book style :P

Yep new address will be the info@lodobettaaquatics.com.au one since it definitely works

And I'll forget to fix the other one otherwise :P

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I've been meaning to take my SLR into the shop for ages, so I think some after hours snapping might be in order :-)
I can kill three birds with one stone, new pics for the shop website, entries for the comp and practise for me!

Sounds like a plan, MissM!

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