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Hi everybody

Bryan here, from Perth, WA.

I've been keeping tropicals since I was 9, pretty much non-stop until 6-7 years ago, when I gave away all my tanks (3 x 4-footers and 1 x 6-footer, yikes!) once two kids came along and chewed up all my spare time. Now that the kids are a little less of a pair of millstones around my neck, I'm feeling my way back into things, having been wise enough to hold onto a two-footer and a 3-footer, for just such a contingency!

My passion has always been bettas, and in fact all the anabantids in general, although I did also go through phases of being obsessed with the S.American characins at one point as well. Was getting rather serious about killis around the time I had to give my tanks away. I was fortunate enough to grow up and spend much of my life in a tropical climate, where tropical fish-keeping was a breeze and live food was always just a walk away. Things are a lot tougher in Perth, plus good livestock not as easy to get hold of.

Anyway, looking to get set up again and get back to keeping and breeding some bettas to start with......

Thanks for your time...


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Fish chick can send to wa I know they have pretty strict livestock rules but she can

Killis are gorgeous as are of course bettas

There's a lot of info on here so plenty at resources are available and everyone is lovely

Plus a fair few members are from your side of Australia so you have company... Some if them with bEtta's I'm envious of even :)

Enjoy the forum

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Hi Bryan,

I'm also Perth based, and it seems that the majority of the breeders are on the east coast! I've heard someone and shadoh send over this way, but I basically ended up visiting every fish shop I could over here (the harder option lol).

I'm keen to see pics when you get started!

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