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  1. Hello There is a few of us over here keeping wilds unfortunately I don't have any fry to share yet but that will come.Are you looking for anything in particular?.someone at LFS is you best source AI and Bay get wilds as well but you will find a general reluctance from the LFSs there to help you out. Les (Western Dragon)has been organizing a Betta interest group/club to meet along with the Aquarium Society of WA keep an eye out for that and come along be good to have a chat with another interested in wild types. Kev
  2. I was having a chat with Les today sounds like it will be a good night on Tuesday who thinks they will be able to attend. Kev
  3. I started putting rams horns in my fry containers/tanks as I tend to be a bit heavy handed when it comes to feeding and there was a definite improvement in water quality as they were eating any of the excess food off of the floor so I went mad and put them every where mmmm rethinking that one now.But they are staying in with the fry. I couldn't sleep at night if I sold them it would be like having a stall at the markets selling weeds Kev
  4. Hi Shirley Your guppy project sounds interesting you should look at bettas as well some males seem to be serial killers.I have more endlers than guppies and the males really put in an effort displaying to the females the guppies I have just seem to harass the ladies until they say ok maybe that is guppy courtship.good luck with it. Kev
  5. Nothing beats a good rack. I love your comment on hobby B as if I don't waste enough money on hobby A I am now looking for a betta camera to take pics of it.It all gets a bit easier when you dedicate a room to them and its all on racks once you heat the room then the roofs the limit no more heaters and power boards. Kev
  6. Great fish and pics it certainly can be very trying thanks for digital cameras. I hate to think how much film would you have wasted to get them. At least the canisters would be handy. Kev
  7. I decided that all out war on the snails was taking its toll on me so I decided to embrace them but they get in the leaf litter and eat the leaves back to a skeleton is snail poo a problem or is pre digested leaf litter good in a tank with regards to micro organisms developing for fry food? Check out this bad boy Kev
  8. irsacae

    F. Striatum

    They look magnificent Les with out doubt one of the nicest killis. I have a female P82 if you want it Kev
  9. With the fancy bettas I really like the dragon,marble,red,yellow,orange and fancy HMPK the blues/greens just don't do it for me. And with the wilds its all of them That center rack I got of off Ken Shaw a few years back I got rid of 9 7 x 2 x 2s I was over big tanks and had 2 sheds running so they were part of my down sizing program back then went from 160 tanks to 70.Tania has been very tolerant back in the day she even used to do water changes and feed the fish she has assured me it wont ever happen again. I don't think she would leave me though. She dosnt want to see me happy. Kev
  10. Thats a bit flash is part of the terms and conditions with the missus :devil:/> (It has to look nice :protest:/> )The way you are going I reckon you could set up a rack of half a dozen 40ltr tanks and that in my opinion would be money better spent ;)/> . Kev P.S. I just noticed the little picture function
  11. I find it quite relaxing I haven't had this much satisfaction out of the shed for years.I tried getting back into it 18 months ago with killis I am not sure if they were what I really wanted though I had a lot going on at the time and it all went down the way side.I have always had an under lying interest in bettas and whilst playing with the Killis I had the good fortune to meet Les through a friend and he put me onto this forum back then so I have been quietly sitting back and watching until I recently touched base with another friend I hadn't seen for ages and he is well into wilds and as t
  12. With my renewed enthusiasm for fish keeping I have started cleaning out the tanks 1 by 1 the first rack is done time for a beer. Its funny what you can pull out of a tank 18 months after you last looked at it. As this is my wilds rack I am only half filling the tanks to help deal with the jumping problems they still have lids on them, though Kev
  13. irsacae


    Gday Bryan Good to see starting to get a collection of sand gropers here.Where in Perth are you (NOR/SOR).What bettas are you looking to keep? Kev
  14. Hello I too was ONCE an African cichld breeder. Not one to be seen in my shed nowadays. Bettas and endlers all the way. You definitely have to check out the wild type bettas its not all about the fancy ones in the jars in the shops.
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