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  1. Pez


    I'm originally an SA lad, I agree about the water being hard. Sounds like you've got it under control :)
  2. Pez


    I'm not a fan of true RO water for human consumption, and not convinced for fish yet. The lack of salts can cause some serious health concerns - they killed a few blokes when they first started using it in the mines for drinking water years ago. Most places side stream about 30% nonRO...
  3. They look amazing! I'm going north next month but not that far, but I'll have to keep eyes open for done of those natives.. So have you gone for all live plants? I've decided to put the community tank on hold for a while, until one of the blokes gets better and I have the chance to save for a large tank (4-6ft or something). Eyes on gumtree :)
  4. Hi all, I'm thinking about branching out and getting a community tank, but I don't know how big I have to go.. I like the idea of putting in some female Betta's eventually, but I know they might be a bit hard due to the potential for aggression. What would be the minimum size tank for three girls? I assume putting in lots of plants / hiding holes is a good idea. I'd also like some tankmates - I'll probably put them in first, then add the bettas once I have the tank under control & built some confidence. Any tips for a n00b? I have spotted two nice enough tanks with rear sump at
  5. Why do they always have tank sales and new fish at the same time?

  6. I'm just speechless. Amazing setup mate! Can wait to see the Betta's all set up..
  7. I'm keen to see pics... Funny thing is I can get much better fish photos using my iPhone than with my SLR - even on manual. Plus it's straight on to the web.
  8. Lol, as in making my own version out of car parts hidden in the shed rather than buying the right tool for the job. Have to splurge every so often....
  9. Looking good.. What's this one going to end up holding?
  10. I'm giving up on the ghetto now too. Thx razzi,
  11. I've got to find a fish-sitter for three weeks, I wish my partner was that keen! So we can expect progress photos over the weekend?? You know it'll be fun playing with tools that can cause that much damage. Maybe you need a nail gun :)
  12. This is like what I'm using atm (eBay link) - basically an oversize syringe http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/370826029130 This is what I was going to ghetto build, as the asking price is a bit steep you squeeze the bulb on the top to start pumping, then it will syphon until you pull the end out or bleed air (there is a little hole on the top that you block with your thumb) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Portable-Manual-Car-Siphon-Hose-Gas-Oil-Water-Liquid-Transfer-Hand-Pump-Sucker-/390507526146
  13. I have a oil transfer syringe (500ml or so) that I use after giving up on the siphon jigger. Either using a hose as a nozzle, or using it to start a syphon. I should have a priming bulb somewhere in the shed, I was going to give that a go before I found the syringe. Note: these were new bits, washed before use. Don't use a second handy.
  14. Looking good! Is it tied into the plumbing yet?
  15. PH is 8.1-8.2 from the tap. What's the best way to measure hardness?
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