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The Perfect betta barracks for home display


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Many of the Aqua one betta barracks look really nice, but it's kinda plain with just the tanks and it look to much like your local aquariums display. it doesn't have that home decoration feeling. That why I'm thinking of building something along this line, basically I'm going to buy a wooden cabinet similar to the one in the picture and a betta barracks and insert the tanks into that gap. Will drill a hole at the back for power wires, LED light at the back, and clean the tanks using tube, so I don't have to take tank the out. The measurement won't be an issues, I will make sure it fit perfectly before purchasing it. Has anyone done this before? anything I should consider?

Asked the aquariums owner about the that betta barracks price and he said $120, which I thought was quite cheap, but I wasn't interested in the barracks back then.




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yeah i think something like that would be so much helpful.

and maybe add some LED lights, would look realy nice, instead of spending 1-2hrs infront of it you'll be doing 3-5hrs a day lol

i just sit infront of my tanks for Hours just watching.

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Also you will have to see whether your cabinet is capable of holding that much weight. I have a biggish barracks and it weighs a fair amount empty because of all the glass partitions.

Just make sure your cabinet is sturdy enough not to bow or buckle.

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Hey Red Snow

The first thing I would look at is what wood it is made from and how will it react to humidity or if it gets wet, Pine , partical board MDF. will it need to be treated with product to make it usable. The second thing would be if the wood is ok then take the lid off cut it in half length ways and rejoin with piano hindge. It can be bought from Bunnings and is inexpencive. the piano hindge will not effect the flat surface of the top but will allow you easy access to the barracks below. Happy carpentry



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@HMPK, definitely going to get some LED light to pimp up my tank.

@Chi, pretty sure the tank is still there, but it to wide for me. If anyone interested, it at fish world aquariums in Dandenong south (Melbourne)

@Wild Nut, I definitely need to consider that factor. I got a cabinet in mind on ebay, it look like it can hold the tank.

@les thank for pointing out about the humidity, I didn't even think about that. Now that I know, I'm going to paint the gap with waterproof paint, got some leftover from painting my bathroom awhile back. With the hinge, I'm thinking of having it at the back, so the entire lid can be open + I don't have the equipment to cut the lid in half.

Thanks for the tips guys, will get this started once I win the cabinet on ebay, 3 day to go >.<

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Finished this awhile back, just didn't have the time to post it up, anyway here it is.

The light from the back really doesn't show the fish at it utmost beauty. However I just ordered the LED 1m stripe light, which will fit perfectly on top of the tank (left 1cm gap between the wooden lid and tank, so I can feed betta without having to open the lid). The tank also come with a glass lid, but as you can see, I also cover the button of the wooden lid and top of the tank with plastic, to prevent humidity problems.

I got the tank for $120, custom made.



<3 this one.


Got this sexy beast last week for $15 (bought it on the same day LFS got their betta shipment, with over 100 fighting fish, I couldn't take my eyes of this one)


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