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So, someone might report me to DoFS


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Hey guys,

I feel I haven't been contributing very much to the forum of late, and worse, that I've been quite neglectful of my fish at home. I have been working quite long hours, and the weekends have been pretty full with either work or family... so I kinda let the fish keeping sorta just slide for a bit... until I realised just how aweful I had let things get.

This is my confessional...

Forgive me, for I had forgotten how to water change. I barely noticed the thick build up of algae...EVERYWHERE!!! I noticed the few girls that died and removed them... but did nothing else to tidy up my tanks, change water, improve conditions, CARE. For this, forgive me!

It's not easy to admit to how bad things can get when we get caught up, but just to show how bad we can let things go, but how we can also make a conscious effort to improve the condition for our fish, I decided to make this post. I did the CLEAN UP... and THE RE-SCAPE... and the I'm ALOT HAPPIER NOW, hope my fish will be too.



Bare bottom tank, drift wood and sandstone with java fern and anubias tied to it. ALL the java fern suddenly melted away within 2days after I tidied up the tank about 2-3months ago. Really weird that it all just died... catastrophically. I haven't been able to grow anubias properly since I got it. Yellow, then algae, then died back... blah blah blah

Closer view:


Just a bit funky... sorry for those who's eyes pain from looking at such a disgusting tank!

So, stripped cleaned and new plants for a rescape. A bit of aquasoil as the deepest substrate, "riversand" and a light layer of sand quartz so that I can keep the substrate looking loghter in colour:


Anubias cleaned and algae covered/yellowing leaves trimmed off. One anubias trimmed back to just the rizhome and a couple of leaf buds. All driftwood scrubbed back to remove any biofilm/mulm/particles... and the scaping begins:


more coming...

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Continuing on,

BTW... that algae stuff really is unpleasant smelling.

Back to it: the fill


Ended up putting in a couple of jusgs of boiling water to get the temp up a little quicker than waiting for the heater to get cranking. Temp felt good, water conditioner, salt, "cycle" and a little flourish to get the plants settled in. Add a couple of inhabitants to get things started:







Now hopefully I can keep these plants alive, and the tank clean, and keep my fish alive and happy!

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Aw sorry to hear it's been so busy for you Paul, hope it settles down so you can have a break.

We've all neglected our tanks at some time, I know I have.

The new scape looks much better!

How are the livestock?

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Yeah I know, more plants would be good... But The tank is two foot but really tall and getting plants tall enough to fill the space is awkward. The other deal is... I kill plants.

I'll wait and see how these ones go.

Sarah, the fish are OK, still have a lot of girls in the tub from the spawn. Will be picking out the best ones for this tank. The girls that were in the tank I'm not too sure on what to do with. Active, but lumpy bits on some of them... Like what's been previously mentioned by other members on their girls. Not sure if I should cull????

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I have a similar shaped tank, have't set it up since I've moved them into the fishroom. Previously I just dumped in plastic plants and hoped for the best, it's awkward-shaped, like you said. You did a much better job than I would have!

Good the fish are ok. I've completely forgotten to up this point, but I'm happy to rehome any you don't want - happy for the old lumpy ones, only pets for me. Was just setting up an empty 3ft tank and remembered, sorry.

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Looks great Paul (the clean version!). Life does tend to get in the way of these things. I now have five tanks (2 x 4ft, 1 x 2ft and 2 x 1ft) and while I seem to have no problem acquiring more tanks and more critters to put in them, cleaning them is another matter!

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Good job! I let my tanks go too but I feel a lot better now that I know I'm not the only neglectful parent.

We are in the process of moving (have to be out by Friday) and I keep thinking 'no point doing water changes we're moving soon'. Then the dates kept getting pushed back and it was probably about 7 weeks or more since I did a water change... Whoops! Fish are all ok so far, touch wood. They are in temp tanks now until I get the rest of it sorted tomorrow!

I feel relieved already now that they are out of that putrid water. You've inspired me to get my shi... stuff together.

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Hey Paul

That will be seven Hail Brine shrimp feeds and two Our feed me Black Worms and be minfull of your acts of contrition as the fishy father will know.

On the up side great to see a tank scape. I would dump the girls with the lumps, I am starting to notice lumps in the offspring of fish that I have breed with lumps so i am viewing it as inherited.

Nice to see you back on the forum Paul



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Hey Razzi

:embarrass:That translates to Seven Hail mary's and two Our fathers. Its a Catholic thing and that was usualy my punishment that I would get from our parish priest.:devil:

Well done Ashlea you speak Les speak:dance:



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