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Quick Vid on some of my betta's


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I thought I would do a quick video on the some of my fish and fry....Sorry for the reflections and bad video recording as you can see it is very professional. :giggle:

We have here in the barracks Midnite (HMF), 24K (HMM), Nippon (HMM), Flame (HMM).

Then we have my turquoise rosetail x Red spadetail spawn (born 26/5/12).

Then we have a yellow CRTF (waiting for her partner which I will be getting soon).

Here we have my BF HM spawn (born 4/5/12)they are already fighting amongst each other especially at feed time.

Then my Female sorority and some in hang-on barracks (naughty/timeout corner).

Then we have bullet (HMF) and Drape (rosetail M).

and then in tubs there is Big Boy (Giant HMP M) and Lemon (Giant HMP F has a bit of a skin problem).

Last we have Monster (Giant HMP M) and Shadoe (Giant HMP F)who are also in tubs.

I know what type they are but can you guys help me with the color types (eg. dragon, marble, bf, etc....)as I am still learning

Thanks for watching!

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My Bettas – 1

0:30 Black with limited iridescence (blue)

0:48 “Red Devil” Red and Black Multicolourwith wild type iridescence, white ventrals

1:53 Salamander Marble (Red base, light iridescence,perhaps Cambodian base with cellophane edges, white ventral tips)

2:46 Red, perhaps extended red, light iridescence

4:27 Non Red (i.e. yellow) perhaps pastelyellow?

My Bettas 2

Probably multicolour fry, who are theparents?

Sorority, red, marble, multicolours

I can’t see the colours of the fish in thehang on barracks, 5:17 might be spawn tank damage, maybe pop some salt in acontainer for him? He’s at risk of fin rot.

6:15 Guess: Copper dragon?

6:23 Blue butterfly if he has red hes amulticolour butterfly

6:40 looks like a salamander male, if hehas white edges around he has marble/butterfly genetics.

Female he’s in with… Dragon non red? (can’tsee)

7:20 Giant Marble cellophane dragon (seegill plate) but really light dragon coverage… if any

Female in with him, dragon marble, perhapsblack/multicolour base


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@busman yes they are all carded, I have siliconed background on the dividing glass and replace with clear glass dividers when I want some flare action.

@ness 0.48 has gold ventral tips.

The mum of the BF spawn is at 3.45 (my bettas 2)the dad is a sibling of at 6.23 same coloring and he has no red in him, funny he is more a HM not a Rosetail like his brother you see there.

5.17 is a black orchid CRT male (sorry bout the video quality that's probably why you thought he had finrot LOL! the others are back orchid females who are too damn feisty for there own good (they are smaller then the other F in the sorority but so vicious!)

6.40 the female in with him (he doe have fine white edges by the way) is the yellow Giant F with the peeling skin problem that you helped me with on the post remember? I have resorted to dabbing her affected area with muticure with a cotton tip, that seems to have stopped it from advancing (still have her in multicure, salt, AIL, few drops melafix also).SHe seems to be doing well.

Anyways thanks for your help...

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  • 3 weeks later...

Some of you may have read my 2xHM drowned post...24K (father of the fatherless eggs hatching spawn)and Nippon have drowned and passed on to fishy heaven due to a mishap with my barracks (I am soooo upset!) but to liven the mood here is a quick video on my almost 9wk old BF HM spawn. They are in a storage box which is in a styro box so have to shoot from top view, sorry. Will update again and do a proper side view soon.

These are just a few males seperated from the 100+ spawn, as you can see they are little BF HM's and some are already blowing little nests sooo cute! but also very aggressive as you can see!

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Here is an update on 4 males from the BF HM spawn as promised. Sorry one hand with mirror the other video...

As you can see I got all the colors of the rainbow (cellos, blacks, reds, blues, turquoise, etc...but all have some type of BF in them) in this spawn which makes it quite exciting and interesting.

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