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Yep - I brought a Veiltail!


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Didn't think I'll be buying a VT, but I do quite like some of them, but not the general ones you see in the pet stores. This boy is steel blue, and couldn't resist (shame about the redwash though).

Strictly a pet!






Lots more to come!

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Right on Zui! :)


To everybody that was a reference to a story I told the other night. My older sister wanted me to spawn her a pet Betta and was being EXTREMELY specific in which colouring/tail type she wanted.

I showed her someone's videos.

I showed her Aquabid fish.

She said the fish I had were nice, but not what she wanted.

Then, she found her "dream fish" and would settle for nothing other than a.... BLUE. VEILTAIL. WITH. LOTS (had to be lots) OF REDWASH. scared.gif


I told her it would be too hard to move all the fry, and unless she wanted the ENTIRE spawn, it was a no deal. She only wanted one so went off muttering.

The thing is, she doesn't want me to go and just get one from the pet store from her, I have to breed it so she can tell people her little sister bred it. rolleyes.gif

So I was thinking of educating her, and giving her one of the fry from the grooming comp - blue with red wash. Sure, I think they're crowntail, not veil tail, but it's either settle for it or go and be betta-less.

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Thanks Nessy! I think all these pics were taken like a day apart, if not on the same day? So maybe it's the angle?

Although, he definitely does look happier now, so proud of my littler bonger!

Which 12 steps would they be?

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