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Didn't we just have this discussion elsewhere?

...i'm going senile, I can't remember where - but you realize purple isn't... actually... possible...... ?

Either get a copper and wait for it to get old - they kind of go purple, or get a salamander, they're kind of purple lavender, kind of.

I got an email today asking for a grass green betta.

Imeanyeahsure, I tried explaining that it wasn't. actually. possible. and turquoise is the closest - but I was corrected and told they would go elsewhere.


There's a link somewhere that has a write up on the (im)possibilities of purple betta - and that image is described as an artist's impression of what a purple betta would look like.


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Hey Zac... beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We aren't supposed to critique aquabid fish, so I won't start on that one.

Anyway, back to purple.... The closest you'll get is "lavender" or the royal blues that look puple depending on the ambient light. Juvenile royal blues in particular look VERY purple.

Photoshopping of images is commonplace these days, and fish aren't excluded from the practice. This issue had been discussed similarly a little while ago, alongside a few "I wish" fish....discussed here

Edit... it took me only a couple seconds to adjust the colours in photoshop on that purple fish.... much more realistic:


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