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  1. we should look at organising a betta show in perth mate!
  2. SO, i was browsing through someone's recent uploads ( as you do ) when this pair caught my eye, i have been looking for a black copper lace pair ever since i began my Betta hobby, and as of today i finally have my pair : Literally so excited, keep refreshing the Australia post parcel tracking page ! Thanks guys will post pictures as soon as they come, cant wait to place them in the spawn tank :)
  3. hey mate! welcome to the forum, i feed my guppy fry a mixture of micro worms and crushed fish flakes, i have been raising guppy fry since i was 12, and they always seem to be very healthy just being raised on crushed up fish flakes alone. when i say crushed up i mean almost a powder ha ha. they don't seem particularly as fussy when compared to betta fry who only like to eat live food :/.
  4. Thanks guys will keep you posted :)
  5. hey guys! this may sound a little bit ridiculous, but i was wondering if there was any information on the internet as to the time in which it takes a betta fry once hatched to begin showing colours, fins etc? any help would be much appreciated :)
  6. zacy boy

    Torn fins!

    hey guys! my halfmoon boy came off a little worse for wear after spawning. i was wondering how i could speed up the process of healing his fins, and how long it generally takes for a bettas fins to begin growing back. Any help would be much appreciated guys as always :)
  7. I completely agree with Shadoh, my halfmoon boy sat at the bottom of the tank for days after i separated him after spawning, i even had to check to see if he was dead a few times i caught him laying on his side :/, i changed his water and added some aquarium salt and made sure the water parameters where all good and then put him in a dark area to recover, he took his time but eventually did. I also found that placing some java fern in the tank also dramatically improved his health. i have little experience with bettas although this worked for me, anyone feel free to correct me if any advice i have given is wrong. Good luck to the little guy! hope he pulls through :)
  8. Great to see another forum member from perth!
  9. Hey :) do you ship to perth?

  10. Do you ship to perth? :)

  11. Heya :) I was wondering if you still had red halfmoons and metallic dragons? I'm deffinatley interested in buying and would like to arrange payment ASAP if you can ship to perth :)

  12. He is a very confused little boy, I woke up this morning to find bits of food stuck in the nest -.- oh well haha
  13. Macro I'm returning to Brunei in April, I would love to see some of these amazing bettas if I could! :)
  14. Heya les! Sent you a message replying! I had tonnes of eggs released but the process went on for ages hopefully some Pk hm fry to come! :D
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