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  1. happy birthday! Have a great day. :)

  2. KiaraDavidoff

    Red Halfmoon

    around morley my double tail boy just died last night :'(
  3. KiaraDavidoff

    Red Halfmoon

    amazing! thats funny zac my boyfriend is going there in april too hahaha i have a pair of multicolour double tails and fancy dragon halfmoons :)and one crown tail girl she is pinky red hehehe what colour are your crowntails??
  4. KiaraDavidoff

    No bubble nest

    So yesterday I cleanerd my tanks and ruined both my boys bubble nests! They were both big by the way:) And now I've left them most of the day in the tank with the girl and the whole night with the girl in a jar and still nothing! Does anyone know what is wrong? My water temp is set right and my ph is at 7 I don't know whats wrong
  5. KiaraDavidoff


    its very irratating!
  6. KiaraDavidoff


    but mine are taking weeeeeeeeeeks! well not weeks but ages
  7. KiaraDavidoff


    whats the longest and shortest time you guys have had till your fish finally spawned?!?
  8. KiaraDavidoff

    Guns n Roses male

    He is amazing!!!!!! hahhaa so jealous! i would love one like him! i would say he is a metallic blue/see-through blackish colour through out the tail i actually just recently bought a double tail and unlike mine who's tail can easily be seen as a DT yours has incredible body, have you seen yet him with split tail? or is it just all connected?
  9. KiaraDavidoff

    Red Halfmoon

    absolutely amzaing! the red is so vibrant! i love the firsts and 2nd last best!!!! their body shape and colour are increbible! where did you get them from???
  10. KiaraDavidoff


    zacy your a douche! i love this fish but i prefer personally! the bodys to have tie die colour through for example black head -> blue out through the tails i love the volume and shape of your betta
  11. KiaraDavidoff


    i love how his tail has perfect lines but i find the body very plain
  12. KiaraDavidoff

    my first HMPK's

    im sure it is fine! they are gorgeous fish!
  13. KiaraDavidoff

    Need some Help Identifying what he is!

  14. KiaraDavidoff

    Hot or Not?

    the boy is incredile the colours are unbelieveably gorgeous the girls im not too mad on but if they were to spawn the fry would end up gorgeous
  15. KiaraDavidoff

    My newest Vailtail boy. :)

    AMAZING colour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!