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New Veiltails


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Today is the one day every fortnight my boss drops by and spends a few hours here in my home office going over my work and coming projects for the next couple of weeks.

Today he drops in and hands me a bag. I open it up and it had 2 veiltail males in there. He says "I know you breed these guys and thought you might like a couple more to breed." I didn't have the heart to tell him that I don't breed veiltails. Seems he walked into a petshop on his way over to my house to buy his cat a collar and saw the two of these sitting in tiny cups on the counter and thought he'd rescue them. I guess it might be nice to have a line of VTs :D

Here are the new boys...

This guy is a nice clean dark red. You can't see the irids on him IRL. There is something about red VTs that I like...


I could pair him with either my red CT female, my HM salamander female or my HMPK pale yellow female.

With the CT female, I'd get cT, but could either work on improving the CT finnage, or removing it in successive generations. Female is a cambodian, but nice and clean...

With the HM Salamander, I would get salamander, marbles and butterflys with various tail types ranging from VT to SD. 1st generation would be easier to move on than the cT's would. I could then decide on the direction I want to take the line in terms of colour and finnage (never seen a salamander VT)

With the lemon coloured HMPK female, I would get all red fish with similar tail types as above. Fry would have varying degrees of irids, as the female has some kind of clear metallic layer over her body (if that makes sense.) I'd possibly get butterflys and marbles too. Next generation would see PK's showing up as well as long fin forms. I would also get yellow back. It would be a more vibrant yellow too, as I have been told that yellow fades over successive generations, so breeders introduce red back into their lines to increase the vibrancy in following generations.

Turquoise Grizzle boy


Looks like he's had a round or 2 with another fish, but a pretty colour.

I don't have a lot of options to breed with him at the moment. I have a pastel jewel box girl, who looks a little rough around the edges, but at least I know what she is carrying. I could also put him with the lemon butterfly HMPK female.

With the Jewel Box girl, the spawn would be a mix of blue marble, solid and butterfly VTs. Most will have red loss, which is a good thing. I expect to get similar colours that I got from the Jewel Box spawn without the extra branching in the tails. Unless the male is carrying PK, I don't expect to see any short tails for a few generations.

With the lemon female, tailwise, I will get VT, SD and D. Colourwise, I'm not 100% sure if I'll see any yellow in the offspring. At worse, I will get red/blue multi marbles.

I could always breed him to the mother of the orange marble spawn. I'll get highly metallic marble, solid, butterflys. Mainly blue red multis. Some dragon scaling and possibly some copper.

As a random experiment, I could put either one with a black dragon HMPK female. Red dragon VTs would be a possibility in a couple of generations if put with the red VT.

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I actually really quite like VT's - yes they are not as 'fancy' as HM's CT's DT's etc but I love the flowy'ness of a nice VT tail - always have :)

What a generous amazing thing for your boss to do - I think that is awesome in its self :) good job with the blue boy his tail is looking EXCELLENT :)

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I'm loving the blue boy and am on the lookout for the perfect girl for him.

VT's get a lot of bad press in the betta community. As they are not bred for finnage or form in the commercial market, most of the VTs you see in pet stores don't show these beautiful fish at their best. A nice, full flowing VT is a beautiful thing to see!

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I personally prefer a good-looking VT to a good-looking HM. Unless HMs are flaring they usually look like they are being dragged down by their tails.

Your blue boy is really nice, colour and form. Now hurry up and find a nice female to pair him with! :lol:

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Hopefully if you get them to spawn you get a heap of females that I can then kindly relieve you of.

I find it funny that I was searching Youtube with the tag Blue marble HMPK and your videos were the first to pop up. I think they were your jewel box spawn, which I really loved.

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