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first killifish log


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in celebration of the last fry that ended up free-swimming despite the fact that it looked like it had come out of the egg wrong and died, i'm starting this log. probs more for me to document my first attempt than anything else.

harvested (by davo): 29/12/2011

hatched: from 9th to the 22nd jan

total: 12/13 fry

pretty unimpressive at the moment. two eyes and a tail. some are slightly bigger than others. 10-20% wc almost everyday with a pipette and a film canister. currently in a round pasta sauce container with java moss and 3 mini cherry shrimp.

currently on MW and whatever microscopic things that live on the moss.

edit: solved time traveller issues

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thanks guys. pics will be up when they're a bit more impressive to look at and i get a replacement for my mysteriously disappeared camera charger. ^-^

finally found some mosquito rafts so that will be their primary food, but i'll still leave some MW for the smaller ones. i'll try some frozen bbs once every while, but i'm not going to hatch any if i can help it >_> it's my last resort XD

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Looks good guys :)

I see the fry are developing very nicely.

Don't despair, the females would usually show up later.

I have never experienced any runts from these fish so you should not have a problem.

Let us know of the progress ;)

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thanks guys :)

these are meant to be a mix of Nsukka and Jos Plateau (correct me if i'm wrong davo?)

on that note... how would i be able to tell the females apart? from what i've observed,

i believe the Jos plateau are more blue and the nsukka are more gold with more prominent red dots?

am i right in assuming that?

they're settling into a grow-out tub now, i'm thinking it's better to double the volume and do water

changes every other day than them sitting in a smaller tank and me having to do changes everyday (mainly

because i tend to do them at ungodly hours XD)

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