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Matt's 25cm iwagumi cube

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Hey guys, just tore down an experiment I was dong, wasn't working out as well as I had hoped, it turned toxic and all the snails died..... So, I scaped it with some honey comb rock I got from Fishchicks, it looks a bit cramped but hopefully it will look better as it fills in. I will be doing a DSM while the glosso fills in and once I flood the tank I will add some blyxa and maybe a few other plants. Just using Amazonia for the substrate, didn't want to mess around with DIY substrates with this tank. Any advice is welcomed :) Will get pictures after I have planted the glosso.


Oh, the inhabitants will be mainly shrimp, maybe a pair of wild bettas once it has all grown in, Wayne, would this tank be large enough for the pair of channoides? It holds the same amount as the 45cm they are in.

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Looks good so far Matt..... the shrimp would love it.....

a 25 cm cube only holds 15 litres.... and 25 x 25cm doesn't give much territory although I've temporarily housed a pair of albi's in a tank that size before.... with that much rock and substrate you'd be lucky to have half that amount of water and with shrimps - not sure how a 25cm cube could contain as much as a 45cm tank?

The channoides would clean up the shrimp babies without an apology....

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Thanks Ness, I am very happy with it, the depth is great, I can't wait to see what it looks like all filled in.

I wasn't thinking anything much Sarah, it is quite small, I used to breed endlers in here, it obviously held more water then, I think I may just add a few male endlers. I think a betta would throw off the scale lol. The more I think about it the less fish friendly it seems....

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Looks good. Now you just have to wait until it all grows in :lol:

I have a group of honey blue-eyes in temporary accommodation (around 25 litres) and it feels too cramped for my tastes. My blue-eyes are fairly active and I think they do best in bigger surrounds. The delicate blue-eyes I've seen in stores get fairly large and I would personally go for a less active species of fish.

I wonder how a pair of sparkling gouramis would go in there. They are quite pretty little fish and not quite so zippy.

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You know the Delicates are one of the larger blue eyes? :P A trio or small group would be fine. I'd just be a bit worried about them jumping.

edit - The tiny gouramis totally skipped my mind. Licorice or Sparkling would be super nice too... They are more sedate fish and smaller as well.

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Ok guysss Update time! Lost the glosso and the tank sat empty for months, I recently got this betta so had to fill it up as it was the only available tank. I got some synogonanthus sp. Belem (hope I spelled that right), some staurogyne sp. port vehlo and some HC. The Belem I am using behind the rocks, I had blyxa growing in but I like the Belem better. The vehlo was far bigger than I remembered so it's not being used and I was very annoyed to discover that the HC was infested with u. Gibba. Hate that plant, sellers should always advise when their plants are grown in tanks known to contain this plant, it's a great way to loose credibility in some people's eys to sell this on... I have salvaged some stems after I took this photo and I am hoping it doesn't infest this tank.

The Belem had floated out and I didn't realize... The betta will get its own tank down the track and I will have some shrimp and some endlers.


Mini pelia and mini fissidens






Share your thoughts people!

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Hi Mighty Matt

How have you secured the mini Pillia to the rock?

whats your bubble count on for the CO2?

Where did you get the Fissendens?

Who put the cat out? and wheres its Bell?

HA HA, I realy like it, it will look fantastic as the fissendens covers parts of that rock. Great job Fella



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The pelia is just poked into the wholes still attached to the clay I got it on. The peices fitted perfectly.

0.5BPS I am changing he bottle every 2 days, the my regulator is leaking.

It told a friend my secret spot for mini pelia and fissidens for her scape and she collected some for me as well.

That was supposed to be the Belem.. She's an indoor cat, sometimes she sneaks out though and hides in the gap between the first floor and the deck. She's terrified of birds, it's hilarious.

Thanks Les! Can't wait for it to grow in :D

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