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Hey Rhys. Hope your boy pulls through. It may be swim bladder disorder which might be correctable. This condition makes the fish unable to control its buoyancy and it either struggles to get to the surface or to stay down in the water. It can be brought on by over feeding especially if feeding certain types of food (brine shrimp, floating pellets etc). If it is this condition, then the best way to treat the fish is by not feeding for a few days. When yo do feed again, feed only tiny amounts and with a varied diet (mosquito wrigglers make up the majority of the betta's diet in the wild, so can be a good start when reintroducing food). Good luck with him. Keep him warm, with good water conditions and hopefully he'll come good.

Regarding breeding bettas, it's dead easy... By easy, I mean challenging, stressful, labour intensive, complicated, but very exciting and rewarding. Have a look through some of the spawn logs in the "gene pool", the pinned articles in "spawntalk" and "general discussion"/"library" and the articles section from the homepage, and you'll get an idea of what you need if considering spawning. Have fun

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Read up on how to set the tank up for betta, what equipment you need and what water conditions you need.

There could be sooooo many reasons for this including the possibility the fish were on the way out before you brought then home.

Do your basic research first, then look into setting the tank up and finding your new fish. Look for active fish with clean edges on there fins. No rot or melt.

Good luck and don't give up. We all lose fish sometimes.


Oh, welcome.

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Hey Bullfrog,

It's a shame about the boy you lost - but it might be a good point in the right direction.

Every fish has different needs, it's not hard to get right - it's just knowing what they want, and HOW to get it right!

Do some research before you buy the next one.... and answer some of these questions:

What Temperature should the tank be

What is the minimum size tank for one betta male

What can and can't i put in the tank with it (other fish/ornaments)

What is an appropriate filtration or water method I should use to keep it all clean and HEALTHY water (sounds silly - but is very real)

What is the PH of the water that comes out of my tap at home

What should the PH be for the fish

What is the carbonate hardness

What are some other things I should add to the water before I add my fish

Do a search on the forum here for CARE SHEET, there's a few floating around, and if you can't find it - PM me and I'll send you one of mine.

Before I had a clue, I'd just fill up a bowl with cold water from the tap and throw the fish in... it was clean water wasn't it?

No wonder they died.... we live and we learn! (now I have over 200 very happy disease free fish!)


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