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TV Fish Tank


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Hi Gang,

I have finally got my TV tank half way....Now I just need to design, fill it and select fish

This is the tank that has been custom made, its 44cm in length, 33cm in hight and 11.5cm in width

Next I gutted the TV set and ran wires for my LED lights

Two LEDs run on the inside of the telly set and sit near the glass on each side of the tank, Also I can switch the lights on from the power button of the TV and dim or brighten them with the volume control buttons. It has 2 'L' clamps that hold the tank in place to stop it from rocking or shaking

The tank sits on a lite bit of wood and slimline foam as well

This is a pic of the painted LED's and filter I plan to use

This is it completed with the back and front of the TV screwed back together to look like a normal TV

And this is it with the lights on

Also I'm in the middle of using the old remote control as a fish food feeder

Now once I put my heater in and fill in with gravel and silicon my golden root in and do a few other decorations Ill need to select fish to put in

So any suggestions guys?

I'm thinking a pair of rams, or a pair of flame gourami, or maybe just neons??... I'm open for suggestions

P.S there's a flap cut out at the top so I can get my hand in

Stay tuned for my next project....



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Looking good there Roc. I've always wanted to convert one of the old style TV's with the wooden cabinte into a tank, so this is right up my alley :D

Great to see someone out there working on something a little more unusual - keep up the good work :thumbs:

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MT Syndrome....Wicked for the tank or wicked that my wife is going to kill me? lol

Ness..... I had so many ideas for that comp but I dont have the guts to go up against the people in here...

my ideas are very LAME! sometimes

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Roc.......mate, you make me feel so much better. Glad I am not the only one that is constantly pushing the wife to the limit. It drives her nuts. She still does my daily feeds of bbs and mw when I am at work so she has a bit more to give. Lol. I love her dearly. I don't know how she puts up with it really.

As for entering comps here, we are all the same. It's works pretty well actually, almost all answers can be found here. Most of us have a strong point but have interests in other aspects of fishkeeping. I have always had cichlids but could keep a planted tank. All plants died and never had much luck. Through persistence and lots of $, I now thought I was getting ok at it. Since joining here, wow it's opened my eyes. Between Pritch and Matt and Neffy and, well almost everyone here, the options are endless. My tank looked a bit run of the mill against most. Still very proud of my tank, most people are impressed that see it but mine will never be as good as some. My efforts are more to breeding ATM.

Don't be shy, enter everything and the feedback you get will help you. And as for your TV, fantastic. I have thought of this many times over the years but never had a crack.

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I love my wife but even I sometimes have to slow my roll to say, but the excuse now is that I go into so many fazes and she cant keep up lol

From my lowrider bikes to my tattooing to my fish and then back to this and then back to that

The hardest was when I went back home to Naples..... I got so obsessed with the hooligans that she went back to London to stay with her family

I just tell her that Im a jack of many trades but master of none cos there's so many things I want and want to learn.

I like this place, you guys always have answers and its so easy to find stuff on here....plus I like interacting with people...

I use to hate it and be very "on my own" but hey

Watch out next competition guys....


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