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intro from ceejai in cairns


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Hi there guys.

I am in the process of my 1st ever go at breeding Bettas.

I live in Cairns and I find the fish shop on Hoare St VERY good....

I know the lady there use to go to Betta shows.

As I said I'm three weeks into my 1st breeding, and like a new dad, I am fussing over them like nothing else.

It is really hard for me as I ma in the Navy and will be away a lot, I do have a friend looking after my babies.

I do have a question.... My fry seems to be slow growing! going by the scale on http://waynesthisand...ettagrowth.html

my 3 week old fry is the same size a 1 week old. is this normal?

they are in a still tank, I am thinking of getting a air stone and putting in there.

Would the Cairns guys (and Gals) would be interested in starting a meeting?

I could hold it at my place, (when home from sea).


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Danny, I can't suggest strongly enough that you start a little meeting group - sharing the knowledge is sooooooooooo handy!

Perhaps you could start a small thread of a spawn log - ignore all the requests for photos - and ask as many on topic questions as you like!

(I would make sure you're feeding them LOTS of brine shrimp and micro worms - live food is the key to growth)


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Hi Danny and welcome :bighug: I'm in Tassie my self (we're pretty much all at sea down here :lol: ) and don't breed Bettas so am really just here as a friendly face :whistling:*lol* the guys here are brilliant and really helpful (and also ever so slightly :wacko: ) ignore Ness and the photo comment... if you got 'em, post 'em :photo: Jo.

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