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  1. hi there guys... Im back from 3 months at sea. I have one fish from my hatchlings, but it is the same size of a 3 to 4 week instead of a 15week old. any idea why?
  2. ceejai

    Hi there

    pics of my fry tank
  3. i now have photobucket. BUT don't know how to post pics here
  4. bbs. they are 3 weeks old today, but around the same size as 1 week old
  5. my mate that is flat sitting for me. Im excited about my free cichlid fry
  6. tuesday back home on the 29th of sept
  7. just got back from my fish shop. only went for a air stone and tube. walked out with a new tank, sponge filter and they gave me 5 cichlid fry
  8. Hi there guys. I am in the process of my 1st ever go at breeding Bettas. I live in Cairns and I find the fish shop on Hoare St VERY good.... I know the lady there use to go to Betta shows. As I said I'm three weeks into my 1st breeding, and like a new dad, I am fussing over them like nothing else. It is really hard for me as I ma in the Navy and will be away a lot, I do have a friend looking after my babies. I do have a question.... My fry seems to be slow growing! going by the scale on http://waynesthisand...ettagrowth.html my 3 week old fry is the same size a 1 week old. is this
  9. ceejai

    Hi there

    Thanx Paul for your help. Well today is day 4 since the fry has hatched. They have been swimming horizontally now for two days. One of the fish shop here in Cairns has told me about egg yolk. And I have been removing as much waste from the bottom of the tank, only removing about 750mls or less. I do have some water and lettuce under a UV light, as it has been cloudy and wet days up here, I was told to grate some cucumber into the water as well, it has been 5 days, when do I start giving the water to them, how will I know there is mircoworms in it? The fry seem to be healthy. When I
  10. ceejai

    Hi there

    Hi there.. Danny is my name and I am from Cairns... I just became a 1st time breeder, quite by accident. My eggs just hatched today, so I have a busy Dad with his fry.... I have a couple of problems, due to the fact I was not quite ready to become a breeder. the tank that the Dad and fry are in was due for a big clean out this weekend, but horny fish bet me to that idea. So now the is algae growing on the side of the tank, (I feel like I am a bad person), the colour is and browny/green. Is this harmful to the fry, and if so, how soon can I move them to a new clean tank. The other probl
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