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Hey hey!


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Hi Everyone :)

Found this forum and thout I'd join... am finally making my intro post!

So um... about me.... I live on the Gold Coast I keep fancy goldfish and tropicals including discus, angelfish, rams, bristlenose and others. I currently have 3 tanks set up - a 6ft (belonging to the goldies), a 4 ft and a 2 ft....

I love animals... I have a cat, a horse, a couple of parrots, fish.... and a soon-to-be husband :P

Nice to meet you all!!!

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Nawww.... thanks for such a warm welcome!

Well... not sure about the name on here, but Migaloo is the name of one of my favourite fish, a redcap oranda :wub: (who was incidently named after Migaloo the White Whale)LOL

Gee... you guys are so demanding! Threatening to cry even!! :rolleyes:*lol*

so... by popular demand... here are some pics!

This is Migaloo: Redcap Oranda


My MONSTER fish, Lady Marmalade - approx 27cm Ryukin


Calico Oranda, Dexter


Ranchu - Lucy


The Goldie Tank (My cat in his fave spot)


Hmmm....I just tried to reply to my own post with discus pics, but it doesn't let me... will do them later!

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Thanks everyone! :)

LOL am I the only person here that doesn't keep any Bettas?

Here are the discus. I am quite new to discus keeping so have been learning alot about them. They are not as hard to care for as as you often hear people saying - just clean, warm water, a stable PH and you're in business!!






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