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  1. Mine is, not hers <3

  2. I know hey. im like what the?? If its going to be that much of a problem im tempted to contact an admin and have them check my ip address ive had two my ex's and this ones.

  3. so who's email is weaselrat@hotmail.com

    i'm confuse...

  4. Ugh the iratating moment when other think we are the same person >D

  5. recently moved to ballina ;)

  6. Sarah

    Happy Birthday to you!!!!

    Hope you'll see this, haven't seen you here for ages!!

  7. Hmm, so you live in Lismore too?

    Yay! I found another lismore person, Though I live close by in Dunoon.

  8. Rayne was a last minute addition and was not the prettiest fish to begin with she was white with a little splashes here and there heres a quick line: http://i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x324/The_Betta_Lady/My%20Fish/rayne6.jpg http://i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x324/The_Betta_Lady/My%20Fish/Rayne-1.jpg and the dramatic leap
  9. ok so as of late ive been having issue after issue after issue. ive lost a few fish lately my total loss to date is Tamina female VT - died one week after buying. was sick to begin with- Dastan Male VT - D had many issues, fungus popeye tumor etc Caela one of adams dragon vt X black HM girls - abandoned ship....er tank Lilly Female VT another ship jumper...er tank. Scarlet one of adams dragon vt X black HM girls - had an "ulcer" recovered returned to tank wund reappeared and she passed on Marshall male VT wasnt ooking great before the fin melt hit him won ted willy n barney, didnt ma
  10. Hey Yan hope your doing ok, luv Abby

  11. looks like you had a BLAST i turned to partner "Can we go too?" "why so u can get MORE fish" "Ummmm nooooooo 0:)"
  12. HAHA im with you there sarah MAYBE guppies too cause you know they produce ive food and can be housed with my girls lol
  13. Abby


    thanks Les i like to think im still learning lol
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