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Fishchicks visit today


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Ohhh I saw lots of feesh. And took a few photos as well, but this site will only allow to load four at a time.

African Bush Fish.




Some funky little African that I forget the name of.


Apistogramma sp. Masken. This pair has spawned in the flowerpot and female is guarding at the moment.


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Masken pair again.


Scarlet Kribs.


Nannostomus trifasciatus, three line pencilfish.


True Siamese Fighter.


Imbellis cross Splendens Fighter.


Nice pics.... love the colours of the sushi... mmmmm.... rice.... seaweed.... betta...... mmmmmm...... :drool:

what cichlids did you see there?

Happy to take requests from people for photos when I can. So if I'm heading in, I'll let ya'll know and you can give me a list of what you want photographed. There are seriously a lot of fish in that little shop.

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Sushi's colours are better in real life. I don't generally like the line bred, long fin Bettas, but I really like the Sushi pair. Just as well I don't have tank space for them.

Little squirt and I got kicked out of the house today for a while, so we went back for another photo shoot.

Red Sea HM Plakat


Red Dragon HM Plakat



Blue HM Plakat


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The Red Sea Plakat looks even nicer here than in his video. Good thing I'm broke this week, or I'd be running down to get him and the Red Dragon!!!

So jealous ... I think I am going to move to Brisbane

Hey Bec, you do know someone ships fish to Melbourne...

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The Dario Dario are already all sold.

All people have to do is email someone and give her a list of what they would like and someone will do her best. The more people after one particular fish, the better.

I couldn't get a decent photo of the Sewellia lineolata that are in store at the moment.

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