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  1. What's your CO2 reading at? alot of people have trouble getting it high enough while using air curtains because it aggitates the water too much. Are you finding this? I've been looking at lights alot lately and found guppysaquariumproducts to be pretty competitive in pricing, and they have flat rate of $12 for shipping so unlike most it's not some crazy shipping cost to go with it.
  2. I would also grab some liquid fertiliser, especially when it comes to Anubias, they don't get their nutrients from soil or substrate, the reason they're generally tied to driftwood or something is they get their nutrients from the water collumn. What kind of substrate are you using? There are some nutrients in fish waste that will keep some plants going for a while, but for healthier results ferts are usually needed. You'll also need to investigate some fertiliser tabs when you plant the hair grass, they need something for the roots to feed on.
  3. 2 hours of changing water in my 3 ft trying to get the water clear, new substrate = painful idea!!!

    1. Sarah


      I had the same problem. It was SO murky I couldn't even see 5cm from the glass! :o

      Then when it was clear I did a water change (after cycling), it came up murky again.. forgot it would hide in the substrate. Grrr. :| Don't worry - you have a filter in there right? It'll clear up soon enough. :)

  4. I'm with Wayne. Personally I would go with the highest light you can afford, if you find you have issues with algae, remove a tube or reduce the time that your running them. I'm personally going for an 8 tube unit and only planning on running 4 or 5 because i don't know if i might want more in the future, it's only $20 difference between a 4 and 8 tube unit. You might find that you get the plant bug and I personally have been going through the frustration of trying to grow plants in not enough light because i started planting and got addicted, now completely ripping apart my tank, replacing the substrate and re-buying hundreds of $$ of gear that i bought 6 months ago.
  5. Hey Ness, I'm glad you like them, they certainly do make a nice display tank. To answer your questions, I have only ever bought fish from someone. She gets long fins come in occasionally but they often seem to get snatched up before they end up on Youtube. I can keep an eye out for one in the next shipments considering i'm there at least once a week most weeks and definatly make sure i'm there for new shipments. I was also looking at getting another pair to cross with this pair and found a few good ones on aquabid so that might be worth a try as well as Interbettas (they're a seller on aquabid), you can email them on interbettas@yahoo.com, Sanya was very helpful both when i was seeking information on genes with the pair i got from someone (they were the breeder) and when i was wanting to source another pair she was more than helpful. If you're interested in mustard gas, i know they have at least 2 lines of HM giants that are MG or MG X's. Don't be afraid of dealing direct with breeders, i thought the prices were going to be higher than dealing though aquabid, but i was wrong. The long fins are very nice but to be honest he never has held himself as pretty as a regular HM would, i tried exercising him twice daily to get it a bit stronger but it never got to the type of standard you expect from a HM. He also seems to be pretty weighed down by it, certianly doesn't skit around the tank like some would, even when he was in the 3 ft on his own (you should have seen how much faster the girl was when they were in there together lol). I think a medium fin would be ideal (i know i'm making up a type, but you get what i mean) and i'd hate to see how huge the fins were on his father considering they're from a HM X HMPK pairing, i was planning on taking that plan another step further towards PK to try and get to the size that it's still nice and big, but not so big that they just drape down when he's not flaring. I did try and spawn but for some reason she refused to drop eggs and have now sort of moved onto other projects for the moment, will probably return to breeding bettas when i'm not living in a small apartment. I hope some of that helps you.
  6. I can report that myself and several other aquariumlife members have been in today tending to all the tanks, and it's a miracle that there were very few deaths to speak of. It's a true testament to the quality of someone's fish and the care she takes that they've survived 2 days with no heaters, filters or bubblers and they're still holding strong. Not completely out of trouble yet because the shop still doesn't have power, but we're running the generator periodically to keep things going so hopefully it's all ok and all the precious stock will be safe and sound. Still yet to find out about the quarantine rooms up north but hopefully that will be just as safe. Paul.
  7. In some areas rain water is recommended (I believe Sydney is particularly bad for fluctuations in tap water) but Brisbane doesn't seem to have many problems. It was advised to me when I first started out to stick to one water source and the most reliable of which is tap water unless you have a tank. Also as far as I'm aware rainwater is very soft which means other perametres need to be monitored more heavily, where Brisbane water isn't particularly hard but it's just enough to help stop excessive fluctuations.
  8. Welcome mate. Being from the southside, have you discovered fishchicks yet? Always good seeing new faces in the forum, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Paul.
  9. lol, only about 10% are actually clear, most of them are red streaks. When i have patience i feed them a bit and they tend to settle down after they realise that they're not getting any more food. Also helps to monitor for a while and see where/when they tend to pause for a moment. The second one with one of them looking towards the camera was me putting my finger against the tank for a moment getting them interested and made them stop swimming so damn much for half a second. Cheers for the comments. Paul.
  10. It's never as easy as you expect is it? I read somewhere that aquariums are great for pet owners that have limited time on their hands.... Whoever wrote that was abviously not running muliple tanks lol. I always keep an extra large sponge filter running in a tank and a few extra bits of wood to chuck in tanks to speed cycle, that and 50% water from other tanks seems to do the trick pretty well.
  11. Busman, they go by the names scarlet badis or dario dario. They're so tiny but so gorgeous. someone only occasionally gets them and they seem to disappear very quickly so i had to snatch them up as quick as possible. Very timid little things but I really enjoy watching them explore the plants and weave their way through the HG. Lol, it's an apple snail, and unfortunately i have had one decide i was a plant while i was doing some work in the tank once and climb on, not the most enjoyable feeling. He tends to jump to attention if they ever fall from the top, i think that's what happened there. Here's him trying to look innocent after tormenting the fish.
  12. Thanks Sarah, got a few more. Excuse the dirty filter, had been doing a bit of scaping The cat certainly enjoys watching, i let him get away with it sometimes My giant betta pair, they're still a bit torn from a spawning attempt My CT betta girl
  13. Just got some pics of my community tank that i thought i'd share. Enjoy. My gorgeous bolivian boy, sadly had to put his partner down due to an internal parasite going too far My partner's rummy-nose, somehow she's got nearly 20 of the things in my tank lol. New addition, 3 scarlet badis Got a few more, but of course limited. Paul.
  14. Yes, blackwater extract will act the same as IAL. I've never used ph down (or up) myself but what about dosing it in a separate container so you know if you've got it right and then add that water in with the fish. As far as I'm aware they can sit at 27-28 for a decent stint and 29 shouldn't be too bad. (just look at the temperatures in their native country. I hope you're able to sort it all out. Paul.
  15. Ok, i got very frustrated with free versions of CAD programs and wasn't buying one so ended up sketching my thoughts out in paint, i hope this makes it a bit clearer. This is a front on view of the sides, demonstrating how i plan on sitting it on the tank This is a birds eye view of the base This is a front view of the rear support showing ventilation ect (the fans are lower than where they will actually be of course) and finally this is the fish eye view of the lid with the lighting panels. I am putting the lattice of pine or even just ply so that the MDF or other choice of lid is not holding the weight of the lighting fixtures. All edges will be sealed several times and then any edge visible to the outside will recieve brushed aluminium to finish it off. Inside edges will be painted black.
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