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My New HM Bettas


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Hi everyone,

Thought i would post some pics of my new HMs i received last week!

Looking forward to learning alot from them. :D

This guys is one of my favorites at the moment, he is a blue butterfly HM.


Here is the blue female i got in a pair with the blue male.


Red HM, he looks like he has big eyes in this photo. :lol:


And i can't forget the red female, she would be the most active of all the four fish.


They are all still settling in to their new homes, my plan is to hopefully breed my first HM pair soon. :D

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Thanks Everyone!

@ Bettarazzi - I like that red colour on his head aswell, he has coloured up even more since i took the photo which is great. :D

I'm still trying to get a good pic of the butterfly as i couldn't get him to flare much when i was taking photos.He also has a slight orange tinge towards the bottom of his fins which you can see in the photo.

@ Neffy - yeah he has a white splotch on the top of his head as well as a small white dot on his nose which you can kind of see in the photo.

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