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  1. Yay 10 new fish today! *dances around*

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    2. shadoh


      Congrats! What did you get?

    3. littleangel


      lol whoops forgot to say didnt I. I got some guppies. they are the most amazing ones ive ever seen!!!

    4. Sarah


      There are some amazing guppies.. what tail type?

  2. I came on here today to pretty much post the same thing Bec! My sorority tank is down to 4... lets just hope that the problems are over.... Ive taken my girls out and have decided to start my tank over again in case its something in there i cant see. Good luck!
  3. What an amazing job! It looks great!
  4. Hi Wow Your tank looks great! You certainly do have a few different types of fish. (I Only have 2 - and want MOOOORE!) I Don't think you'll have any issues with this forum. People are great! The only thing you need to know is they love photos. Photos of fish, photos of fish... and considering you have already put some photos up i think you'll fit right in!
  5. Hi! Nice to see another person from Adelaide! This place will certainly give you heeeeeeps of info. And if you can't find it - just ask! What types of fish do you have?
  6. Hi there. Welcome! I felt the same when i found this place, and since I joined I've had all my questions answered and as much help as i could wish on many topics. As for fish, someone aka someone - is great and has well matched pairs just have to keep an eye out to get what you want. Go to her site on youtube and have a look Fishchick65 Hope you can find a great pair soon.
  7. Hi Novalie sounds like you have little guppys everywhere soon enough. Good luck with everything. I can't wait to read some of those weird and creative questions!!! - i probably won't be able to answer them, there are plenty of people on here who are full of useful info! whoops - forgot.... i love your name!!! lol you have one - or want one?
  8. Wow. Doesn't he look different! He has beautiful colourings.
  9. Wow he is beautiful! Cant wait to see the little ones colours!
  10. YAY! Thanks for the help. Now im off to start setting up my breeding tank again.
  11. Hi guys! I have two beautiful males that i would love to spawn with. But I'm worried it might be too soon for them. i think they are about 6 months old. Look to be full grown and have been making nests for about 3 months... So i really just would like to know at what age you start to use a male for a spawn? Thanks I hope this is in the right spot...
  12. Welcome Kaity! Sounds like you certainly have a lot of different fish. I would love to expand the fish i have (thinks the hubby would kill me!!!) lol This forum has been a great help to me - a person new to fish - everyone is really friendly and are great at trouble shooting any problems, and great for a general chat. How many tanks do you have?
  13. im sorry you lost her :bighug:
  14. Hi Simon. Just wondering how your little girl is holding up? Any change in her condition? (i hope there is - and she is better for you) :alright:
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