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Batch testing protest video


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A scientist friend tells me that this video is probably very close to what will actually happen. Although one would hope they would humanely kill the fish before blending them, I'm cynical. If they don't allow scientific evaluation of the IRA, would they allow oversight by a bio-ethics committee? If they don't mind killing thousands of healthy fish for no good reason, would they mind the fish suffering for a few seconds? Maybe if it was a friendly oscar looking at them with its big brown eyes they might feel a twinge of regret. But they could argue that death in a blender is pretty instant.

I hope that everyone that watches this will share it with their friends on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Email, forums, clubs etc with a strong plea to sign the petition. If we can push the views up and the clip makes it onto the most watched list on YouTube we might be able to reach a bigger audience.

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