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  1. Eeew yeah might pass on that Paul. Well you're very inquisitive, I'll give you that much lol Tried to put the 'girls' in Bitsy's tank. Some yesterday, all good so two more this afternoon. Todays two (first and second pictured) were isolated this evening. They're sooooo aggressive! Theres no way I can see that those two are going to be able to live with others. I couldn't get the remaining three females to come out from hiding to eat, try as i might, far too traumatised :o
  2. I'm trying to find out the best way to post them! cos of the peat they live in it would be heavy and unsure if there is a better way. If you're not in too much of a hurry I'll be in touch?

  3. Hi I in Perth WA so if you let me know the full cost for one culture and postage I can send postal order with my address


  4. lol Paul, so I'm not just daft then? Thanks guys... yeah both parents are half moon. I thought perhaps the fins may just not grow that long? hmmm... what would happen if they 'sprout into a male'? Develop long fins? As far as aggression goes, I've read posts on here where people had fry that just continued to get along so I'm thinking its not unheard of. Prior to jarring there was some chasing and nipping but thats about it. Post jarring the one I thought is possibly male built a mini bubble nest pretty quick and it does have longer ventrals (they're tucked into the body most of the time as in pic). So what about the runts (not pictured but very small), any chance they'll grow?
  5. Too hard? I want to put all females in my girls' tank but need to determine gender first and feel rather clueless!
  6. Oops! lol hey Sarah... bit of a belated reply here well I don't have many, only eight and only three of those are big. So not many to choose from and I may end up keeping most... perhaps if I spawn Bitsy and Fabian again? That leads me to a question I have for you all, now that they are jarred will the runts grow? They don't seem to be growing and are still the size of.... aprox seven week old fry I'm not sure what to do? I need some help with sexing if anyone feel so inclined? Have read some info about it including the Ausaqua article and felt confident but then I tried to actually sex them and well... lol The gang: Yeah I know they're too big to be loose in the tank together. Not sure if anyone remembers, I had an operation in december. Had some post surgery complications so back to hospital and this is what I came home to! lol but they were ALIVE Except for the one second from the right Female??? I've tried to shine a torch at them to 'spot the ovary' but can't see anything... possible hazard of the untrained eye? short ventrals, a bit of a belly and very timid.... nice colour but I think the body shape is not great?? has a bit of a dip in the head- mild spinal defect? That seems to be inherited from Fabian (dad) but is even more evident in this fry. She/he is a bit 'bottom heavy' when she/he swims ie swim,stop,bottom/caudal drops Male? long ventrals as relative to the others, can't see any ovipositor as I can on the other two photographed here. Female? bit of a belly. Perhaps a bit late now but I'm also wondering about fin length. I believe the length of fins and fin form can depend on how they're raised? What does such raising involve? I have my assumptions but yeah assumptions :P
  7. Grats Shadoh, they're great! Goes without saying but yeah still How many are sold or will be? Sounds like you have breeding plans for many!
  8. Wow, nice variety of colours!
  9. Naaaawwwww look at the pussy cat! I'm sold! lol :D
  10. Thanks for linking that Sarah. Sounds a little bit speculative. Have to say though, it's proving difficult to make sense of extreme size differences otherwise! @ delyall, if I can get them to spawn!!! Been conditioning over a week now and Goliath has not built a nest! He never has, in his old tank either. I was thinking they may be difficult, Goliath is a wimpy fish lol (oh but i secretly love wimpy males in general ehehe ) he flares at a mirror for a few secs then hides However it was looking hopeful, they initially appeared to respond well to each other and Goliath immediately began blowing bubbles at first glance at Nariyani. Alas, he blew a few that one time and that was it! What to do?? Sunnylass I'm glad you enjoyed the pics I have a few more now Four weeks old. Red has begun appearing on caudal and anal of larger fry. They also have ventrals You can see some white on the anal, also on the pectorals of some. It looks more 'ruffly'/'combed' than my camera will capture so i guess its the cambodian coming through? Two medium sized fry snacking on a shower of BBS. And yes, that is a chase coming on! They're doing the slow approach then charge thing with rapidly increasing zest! Sometimes, if well matched they look like they both charge, bang heads, then calmly swim off in opposite directions. Its quite funny! lol This is Tiny, the smallest fry (I think! thought there was one runt but there may be 3!) My so far best attempt to capture Tiny and one of the biggest fry side by side They were pretty close to each other so not a bad shot for a reasonable idea of size difference
  11. The smallest fry is about the size of the caudal fin of the largest! Was trying to get a shot of them side by side but battery died at the vital moment of course :/ Tiny very rarely comes out from hiding, keep thinking I've lost it but no! Real survivor that one :D

  12. You may not get an exact hit but you should be able to extract an answer, perhaps out of more than one thread that comes up as having matches to your key words :)
  13. Hiya daniel, welcome to the forum I've never tested for hardness myself but I'm not sure if location would alter that necessity. My LFS have done it twice for me when I set up my first tank, all was well and I've never done it again. I'm not much of a hardness expert but it doesn't seem hardness causes many issues, read something on here about high hardness increasing the tendency of pH to fluctuate or something like that, thats all I'm aware of. Perhaps just if you wind up having issues with fluctuating parameters you could start getting that fussy about hardness? I don't use rain water myself but instead age water for at least 24 hours with water conditioner and have IAL in all my tanks. Location may effect this necessity, don't know about Brissy. I think people use rain water due to higher chlorine, chromamine and heavy metals in tap water. If you de-chlorinate then pH can fluctuate a lot so you need to age water to settle it down. Rain water doesn't need to be de-chlorinated or aged. Might I suggest you try using the search bar on this forum cos questions like this have been answered. if you can't find what you need then possibly start a thread with questions as people might not look in the intro forum for unanswered questions Cheers :)
  14. New years eve, i have the flu, it's 40 degrees outside and my 3 1/2 week old fry are attacking each other. Brilliant! lol

    1. fishbites


      :( Sorry to hear you're crook... hope you're well soon and the 'kids' start behaving themselves!

    2. fishish


      Thanks :) The kids are worse :/ but I am better... a bit.. :D

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