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  1. Ill be there and might even bring my two boys as show and tell who I bred last year, they are the only ones I kept when i passed all my gear and fish to Sarah last year.

    Have a wonderful day, birthday wishes for you. x

  3. Becki

    Cheese is Melting

    だいじょうぶ ですね(Its OK) Don’t worry its ok. these things happen. Cheese as you called him was the runt and destined to a short life at any rate. But Now you have the PP and cane use it in the future I think it is a great aid for crowntails as they are prone to fin problems. がんばっサラ-ちゃん (Good luck Sarah)
  4. Becki

    Cheese is Melting

    yup he had all those babies you now have
  5. Becki

    Cheese is Melting

    Potassium permanganate Their father had issues with fin melt.. This was the only thing that helped. I would take a small tnak about 1 -2 litres and add a few crystals to the water, just enough to make the water pink maybe 5 little crystals at most. They let the fish swim in it for up to 20 mins. You have to watch them though because if they become distressed oyu have to get them out and into their normal tank water. I would also mix up a much stronger a solution into which I would carefully and quickly dip the affected fins and then pop said fish back into their tank. The reason I did the dip is because the condis works like a cauteriser and seemed to stop the melt from continuing, I got the idea because when I was a vet nurse in a past life we would use condis straight on a damp cotton bud to stop bleeding from nails that were clipped to short.
  6. Sarah the fins on the pink boy are looking like fin melt, however i thought at one point he might have been chewing his tail when I first jarred him .. He is not strongest of fish, and I didn't think he would survive when i first jarred him. All those fish are siblings except for the Black Lace. I did do an f1 spawn and I have the two boys and the father of that spawn still. I will post photos later of them. The Red Females one of them is mother of the boys I kept. Good Luck and I hope they all settle in to their new homes without to many problems.
  7. Becki

    What is It?

    sorry for not replying sooner, been super busy. however all seems to be under control now. Stress will bring all sorts of stuff to the top. Sorry if some of them didnt handle the move as well as others.
  8. I did use salt and stopped when it run out, whoever when i was using it i did have fin problems and since not using it my fishes fins have been lovely.
  9. OK I havent updated for awhile cause im lazy. I have three surviving fry from this spawn. You can see them live here Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/qcSz They are not always on as I broadcast different stuff and only when i can be bothered setting up my cam. If they are not live at the time there will be a recorded video uploaded of them so you can see how they are coming along. My next spawn I am going to broadcast live from start to finish :)
  10. where in sydney are you>?
  11. Nanna Lisa Shadoh this is my second ct spawn as these are the offspring of that spawn. Paul: I love bi colours so you can see where I am hoping to head with this spawn. Sarah: I iwll be feeding them on the same as I used for my last soawn, VE for the first few days then BBS, the BBS + chopped up grindals then Grindals + chopped frozen Blood Worms and then a bit of everything i can offer them so they are not to fussy
  12. it has to been blocked everywhere but in america!! I will re do it tonight
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQagueInEMg OK this should work now I have redone it with different music. The music I have used is by a favorite band of mine, they are Japanese and the song is a solo of one of the members.<br>If you like the song and want to know what is actually being sung drop me a pm and I will send you a an English translation.
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