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Gold marble HMPK


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2 of my gold marble from copper spawn. Pictures hard to see now, but will try to get good shots later tonight or tomorrow :blush:

Male is OHM PK with strong marble on the fins (copper wash) and female is full HM spread with slight marble. Female is showing rosetail/feathertail trait due to extreme branchings on caudal. Anal is also very broad on female, which gives strong indication of long fin gene somewhere there.

Male has slight SBD carried forward from his childhood, but I trust this won't continue to next generation :yes::D Good experiment to see if SBD fish can still wrap just like normal fish :lol:

Here are 2 blurry pics of the female:

Posted Image

Posted Image

And here are 2 pics (again blurry) of male:

Posted Image

Posted Image

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