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My Snow Green Pkhm Pair...


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So.... I made the trip down to someone's little betta store on the weekend and left with not one, not two, not three.... BUT FOUR new fishies!! A Snow Green PKHM Pair (someone did tell me who they where bread by but have since forgoten - doh) ...

I have 'affectiantely' named the Boy Snot. Yes... SNOT (or bogga) - just a trial name for the moment it might not stick. But I made a joke about him being all white with green stuff on him - like a used tissue.... and so I started calling him snot haha :lol: ( I am sure a more fitting name will be used in time - but for now he's snot)



The girl, (snot's sister) is currently being nicknamed Chicken - becasue she looks like a chicken face on, if you saw her you'd 'get' why I have named her that. She is as cute as a button :) hehe. And looks much more stunning in real life - am yet to also get a 'good' photo of her :)



and just have to share this photo - Snot flaring at Chicken in the benie box next door :)


the other two fishies I got are two boys, one Red PKHM - Santa (boyfriend for my red/brown PK girl) and little black orchid, who is so very little, he was shipped over as a girl ...but is definately a boy - his name is Oscar. Will get photos of them maybe after christmas :)

Definately going to be breeding Snot and Chicken together - cant' wait to see the babies they will make. Currently conditioning Eric and Shark-bait as my intro to Betta breeding :)

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LOL! Chicken snot, sounds like a name combo I'd come up with! Chicken is really unusual, will be interesting to see their spawn. My breeding plans are waiting until I get back from a January break, an it seams painfully slow coming!

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