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Hello from the south coast NSW


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Hi all,

just a short introduction; Acquired my first bettas late in 2007 when on entering the LPS for dog treats came across a largish display of little fish with very long tails in tiny cups. 2 in particular caught my eye they looked as stressed and down as I felt on that particular day - you all know the feeling too much life/commitment and not enough hours to complete all tasks - well I thought what the heck at least this sympathy doesn't come with strings cause they can't answer back!! Hahaha how wrong was I. Well on the miss advice shelled out by the LPS attendant the little guys came home to a roomy 1lt vase each, with pebbles and a plant! and place on the dining room table for the whole family to enjoy. :cheer: Then as with most people I started researching :blush: hmmm..... needless to say their accommodations we quickly improved to an 8lt vase each witha heater and that should have been the end of the story, 2 happy fish in nice accommodations ............Well by this point I'd found several very helpful and informative forums like this one with exceptional moderators/participant who generously give of their time, knowledge and experience to help out any who ask - you are my unsung heroes!!

However, not only did I find the forums but some wicked/evil hearted persons directed my attentions to Aquabid :yes: and now I have been corrupted tooo :(( I am now terminally infected with Bettaownatitis!!

From 2 the numbers have grown significantly :wub::goodo: and I've started breeding. The initial pair were a red CT and a purple VT, I did have some HM's as first acquisitions but sadly almost all have died - I really don't think they are a beginners fish. Now the family consists of primarily HMPKs, CTs and Giants. At present I have 2 CT spawns around 3mths, 2 HMPK spawns at 2 and a 1/2months, 1HMPK spawn at 2mths and 1HM spawn at 3-4 weeks and last night 2 of my babies from the oldest CT spawn, spawned.

So I guess I'll be posting spawn logs and sales notices in the near future.

Cheers, Jane

PS :cheer: Thanks to everyone on all the forums for all the help/advice/encouragement B) you guys & gals are the best!!

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we'd LOVE pics! welcome to the forum :) can't wait to hear about your spawns :)

(lucky people who spawn with no trouble whatsoever *rolls eyes*...)

oh where are you located? if you're thinking about selling we'd love to know if it's in the right area for us to buy them from you!

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Hi everyone, thanks for the welcome :D - y2jdaze home is Nowra on the sunny?? south coast so if you're in the neighborhood give me a call!

Posting Pictures - yes!!definitely!! when I figure out how to upload them onto the site :D my oldest CT spawn are just about ready to find loving new mums and dads.

OOPS! think I just found the button for posting images.... I'll have to work on this. :)

anyway back to the grindstone - Uni semester exams in 2 weeks.... Urrghh ....I need a pass, just a pass!

Catch you all later,


PS good to see you here too Rainy!!

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