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Things in SHELLS - 56k warning


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Phil has been bugging me for MONTHS to get more photos up here and share these guys with you so, without further ado, here are some of my critters for your enjoyment :betta:


Not sure on the species, anyone know? I misidentified it as a female fiddler but *cough* obviously not the case now it has been de-mudded. sweet little thing, and the prettiest colour. :betta:


No ID for this one either. It lives under the rock in my marine tank and will happily steal prawns from the puffers. It took one yesterday and I had a horrid time trying to get it back! (it was about 1/3rd the size of the prawn so he couldn't keep it all stuffed under his rock there)


The little fiddler tucking into some prawn meat. I'm so happy he's finally eating!! he had this for ages yesterday, just grazing away.

(more later)

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This is Jacqulin (formerly Jacques until she was spotted in berry) hanging out in her newly planted tank. Much nicer than blue glass :betta:


Papillion the brown backed crab chowing down on my ferns *grumble*


The little striped shrimp from my salt water tank, he's such a hoot! takes on the big boys for his share of food :betta:

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I've had a couple of the brown backed crabs, they ate the heck out of my plants. can't wait till I have a marine tank, I will have many shelled things, yours look great. Papillion looks like he knows he's up to no good

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