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5 New Fishies YAY!


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Well since I was away and my *fish looker afterer people* seriously overfed a few of my fishies to the extent the water was putrid and they probably died of ammonia spike and or exploding stomach....anyways I lost 4 of my fishies :P so Naturally I had to go out and buy 5 to replace them!

They spent the better part of maybe 36 hours in their baggies from the LFS after I brought them home, totally ignored them and today when i finally go to grab them to put into the newly cleaned barracks I find that they've all got bubble nests going inside their bags! cheeky little bugas, Santino had probably 2x 50cents worth of bubbles in there hehe!

This is Nero, The baby CT, he's about 1/2 grown, such a little cutie :blink: (He reminds me of Jardy (RIP))


This one is Santino, I LOVE his fins and he had a nice big nest going, his ventrals are really thick as well though this pic doesn't really show that.


This one is Chavo (he looks a lot like Kerwin (RIP) and had a nice big nest as well)


This one is Miz, he looks a little weedy here but in the shop he was go go go - all personality and I just had to have him!


and finally this one is Stunner, I fell in love with him instantly, he reminds me of Angel (RIP)


hope you likey :(( feel free to comment :D

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Yep I saw him flare for the 1st time last night, I already thought he was gorgeous but then he flared and I said "OMG you're just a stunner aren't you!" SO I thought I might as well name him that lol.

Yep all from my LFS, they are good to me hehe and a lot of times they write *NO REDS!!!* on the order so they send us prettier coloured fishies hehe!

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