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New Giants


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Finally got some photo's uploaded of my new fish - these are our giants just come over

Our Marble giant Boy (this is the biggest fish we have ever owned)- 8+cm not including fin giant.jpg

who is being conditioned in the breeding tank now with our Green Girl -6 cm not including fin


HM Giant Boy (not as quites large yet and this is a very bad photo, his body is not as short as this and he does have the proper D tail- we have a spawn sister as well


HM/Giant Female (body 5cm) check out her ray splits


we also have a marble PK coming next week- as well as a Melano from Chaba and 4 more giants

photo's when they arrive safe and sound

Like em?


Deb and Step

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Yes they really are, the first bpy is a whopper, we have had a few giants but none as big as him before, mostly the size of the green girl. Exciting update, as at last night we hve eggs, I have mostly covered the tank so will only check a couple of times a day, will update on a Gene Pool thread when/if we get a successful hatch. (Giant eggs take longer so it's going to be a nervous wait)



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We got him from Great_Aquatic on aquabid, we got the Red Marble and green female from him as well, we were very happy with them, have a Lavender female coming over from him next shipment, they were reasonably priced too and he was good to deal with. (The red marble wasn't on aquabid.) I agree it's very hard to find them and most are very expensive, I check new listings each day, if I miss a day I just search 'Giant'. I really love our HM boy, he has a great spread, a bit of rosetail in him, and could be going OHM by the looks. He is in going to be bred firstly to the red/blue girl before she gets too big for him, she has a lovely shape to her fins and great even ray splitting, then his sibling next time (all going well).


Deb (& Step)

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