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A pair of anomolachromis thomasi would be nice.

I have a pair and they're the best personality... more so than the bettas :balloons:

Throw in a small school of neons as target fish and you'll most likely get a broody couple. Mine are useless because they get distracted when after 2 days of guarding eggs..

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Havent really decided yet but I really like the look of the fish in the Cichlid family. I dont want to go any bigger then 74 litres not really keen on a community tank at this stage something simple with a few plants but then I read most cichlids pull up the plants and like to move things around I was thinking of a convict but I think even one would soon out grow a 74 litre tank . I dont want anything too shy, semi aggressive to aggressive would be good my husband likes the oscars but we just dont have room for the size of tank we would need. :balloons:

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A few options...some may not be easy to get?

based on fish I owned or have owned

for planted tanks.....

Kribs.....great fish, good parents.....if breeding they will kill any smaller fish in a tank that size

Pelvicachromis taeniatus....cousin to kribs....lots of colours and patterns...not as aggressive

Dwarf cichlids....lots to chose from but can be shy....I have a pair of Apistogramma viejita that have breed and raising fry in a holding tank full of endler guppies...lots of action in that tank

Laetacara curviceps....not overly aggressive....but pretty fish and right for that sized tank.

Archocentrus Sajica...a cousin of convict cichlid....lots of personality and more colourful...about max size fish for that tank

Colony of Neolamprologus multifasciatus....wont work in a planted tank

Hope that helps!

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